Lost my coin streak even though I checked daily. Is this even possible?

Lost my streak as well, couple of days ago. Sent Chronogg an email to take a look into it they replied fairly quickly that they would and I never heard back from them. I was able to get a FREE game a few minutes ago so, I guess its not a total loss

We’re still investigating, apologies for the delay!

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Hey Lonin, I don’t want to be a stick in the mud here but, any word on my coin reset? If that streak didn’t break I would have gone legendary by now.

Here’s what you’ve got to go on for now, it’s the 4th section down.

I am working on my 2nd 14 day streak. But I have used at ALL times…the same browser and only my PC. Is it possible that the system doesn’t recognize you if you use a different PC/tablet/phone etc…maybe because you are using wifi(your phone/tablet)instead of your ISP?. Just a thought.

I’m on my second streak too, yet I’ve logged in and gotten the coins on my phone, laptop and obviously PC.

OK. Then rule that out.:disappointed:

Wasn’t too fussed on losing my streak but I’m also pretty sure I checked in every day.
I sent an email. Thanks for being such cool people chrono.gg team.

No sticks or mud at all, totally understand the frustration. Here’s where we’re at:

We’re attempting to reproduce any errors that would cause streaks to end prematurely, but we’ve yet to be able to do so. Until that happens, there’s unfortunately nothing we can do, but here are a few steps that may help prevent you from losing a streak in the future:

  • Make sure to click the coin every day between 9AM Pacific and 9AM Pacific
  • Refresh the page before clicking to make sure nothing is cached
  • Wait until the coin has completed spinning and your wallet amount has updated
  • Take a screenshot when you click (include the game in the image) so that proof can be provided

I know that’s not the answer anyone wants to hear, but until we can reproduce this (or people provide evidence via screenshots) there’s not much we can do. It’s a crappy situation, but I promise that we’re not ignoring it. We’re continuing to try and break it and dig into those who have missed streaks to find something.


Thank you for the information. I will use the advice you have posted. I thank you for the site and what you provided,


Just wanted to say I just had this happen to me. I check twice a day and I’m almost 100% positive I didn’t go 24 hours without getting my coins. I just lost a 26 days streak and I feel like I’ve wasted so much time and dedication to this thing only to get a slap in the face this morning.

I guess there’s no real point to my comment other than to express my suspicion that something is indeed off with this promotion, and streaks are being lost. What I’ve spent four weeks progressing through, I could have just dropped my streak every week in order to get a weekly bonus instead of the bi-weekly/monthly (which I won’t get at this point). So yeah. Total bummer.

Just something I wanted to throw in as someone who hasn’t lost his streak yet:
Pretty much everyday after I click the coin I then click on my coin total to look at my streak, and then I scroll down to look at my coin history, which should have a line for the coins added “a few seconds ago” and also the coins ~24 hours ago. Since I haven’t broken my streak I don’t know how helpful it is, but I think it should be a good way to check for yourself without needing to take screenshots and stuff.

I honestly don’t even do that, I check the daily deal, log in, get my coins, and then check the forums.
I don’t make sure I’ve gotten them or anything like that, earlier in the thread I even mentioned how I’ve logged in on multiple devices to get my coins and have so without trouble - So while I don’t have anything akin to tips like you do, all I can say is “that it works”.

Even though I lost a streak one time, I followed the advice lonin wrote and have had no problems since ,I was able to get my first legendary streak today. I was quite surprised by the amount of coins the chest contained over 2239.Thank you Chrono.gg


Has this issue been fixed? I always verified I got the Coins by checking in history, and see today I have a 1-day streak.

I had the same issue, lost a 57 day streak when I know I logged in yesterday and got my coins. I really don’t mind the missing coins I just want to keep my streak going. Thank you for the help.

We’ve still not found any bugs with the system that would cause someone to lost their streak incorrectly or any hard proof that it has happened. I know this isn’t the answer you all want to hear, but we’re still investigating this!


Thank you very much for looking into this. One thing to add I was using the mobile sit to get the coins at the time so don’t know if I just touched the coin and it did not register, but it looked like the coin spun and got it.

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Sorry to hear that maguslod, id just like to ask if you behave as suggested in the faq aka refreshing the page before clicking the coin and waiting for it to stop spinning before you leave the page? I did that long before i was aware of the faq and have not had any problems. And i have no experience with using chrono via mobile but id suggest always checking your account transaction history to see if you really got them.

Just wanted to note, because I usually check-in from my tablet that I always checked that I got them under history because a lot of times my browser would leave yesterday’s page up and saying I already got them until I refreshed the page.

I don’t think it has anything to do with being a mobile page. The Community pages seem to appear the same on my tablet when switching between the default mode and mobile. Though, it may default as the mobile mode based on my mobile browser’s user-agent. I don’t know if the index page where you collect your coins has a mobile version, but the Community’s forum software appears identical.

I can understand the difficulty in trying to reproduce the issue for the Chrono.gg team. If there really is a problem, it seems infrequent.