Looking for a missing Chronie

Hey, peeps. :blush: This post is mainly for the regulars.

You guys seen CrazR? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I went to send him a message through an old PM thread, tried to click on his profile to check what he’s been up to but the link is dead.

Searching for his username on the Chrono searchbar yields nothing and search engines link me to one May post and nothing more.

Am I out of the loop and he changed his username, Chrono is acting up or did something more serious happen? :disappointed_relieved:

Sorry I made a new thread, but I got a bit worried and didn’t know any other way to “mass ask” all of you regulars about it.

Last time I talked to him was April 21st.

edit: typo on his name because I can’t type, apparently.


I haven’t seen him. Nor do I know anything about his disappearance.:thinking:


maybe he decided on this? :thinking:
no clue, did notice suddenly disappeared tho :man_shrugging:


He seems to have gone into hiding on steam too.

Here’s the last post I could find after some light stalking (just duckduckgo…).


I think he deleted the account and he also went through and took off any Chrono friends from his Steam account. He used to be on my friends list, I don’t see him there any longer.


Now that you mention it I haven’t seen him around any time recently either. Hope he comes back some day.


i did some more digging :flushed:
so, as i recall he always had his profile private on steam ?(i didn’t have him on friendlist), so couldn’t even see it if when he was on anyway
and, with the changes to steam privacy +functions, apparently, you can’t even search for peoples profile/users anymore, -that don’t have their profile full or “semi-public”(friends only) :thinking:
(at least atm, i tried this with a search for a couple of private/“semi-private” accs i knew for now)
-so tho his profile is still on steam(id is still there), it definitely seems like he went total “private” and can’t be found unless you know him/have him on friend/block list :confused:
suppose he chose all that, (going off chrono, removing friends+new privacy options), for his own reasons, and probably nothing much to do but accept/respect that, until if he pops his head back up to say “hi :wave:


Unless you can set Chrono accounts to private/hide your account.
It looks like it’s been deleted, after finding him in a couple topics. And then spamming his icon for a while it said it was private.
But one way or another we probably lost a chronie today (or like a couple months ago, who’s counting?)

But one last cry for hope won’t hurt @anon74641759


well, the thing is, afaik u cant rly close yr account here or put it on private, can u? and i do remember someone had been complaining about him being “not nice” to some ppl here, and his account was suddenly deactivated right about then, right after he had also been “not very nice” to someone, so i wouldn’t be surprised if Chrono police took him down, though i wouldn’t know, and unless they confirm or deny it there’s no way to know either


I recall him being slightly abrasive but not to any point that I’d consider ban worthy so unless something went down in private I can’t see why he would have been forcibly removed. I believe lonin offered to remove your account if you wished to do so by by emailing them, there’s just no way to do so yourself.

In the end as @gnuffi touched on his reasons are his and his alone and as much as we might be curious about it there’s little else to do than respect his choices. I myself got really rather curious about @Harith’s choice of removing everyone from his friends-list a while ago, though he saw fit to furnish us with an explanation later.


I won’t lie: this whole thread makes me a bit sad. :confused:

Regardless, thanks everyone for popping in.

Guess we’ll have have wait and see if he decided to come around again. I hope that, regardless of whatever led him to leave, that he’s doing well.

Also I guess he’ll never get that funny video I sent :pensive:


Yeah, I’m still kinda in touch with CrazR (a few conversations here and there on what a perfect series Crysis is, I haven’t been around much on Steam lately). I would have made this post yesterday, but I wanted to clear it with CrazR himself first.

As it turns out, he just kind of tuned out of Chrono after a while, not sure of the exact reasons. He opted to delete his account at some point, and I believe it happened in April after some inactivity. Hopefully he’ll come back here some time, who knows.

Rest assured, no banhammers were put down.



If you see him pass you by on the street,

Plis throw this funny dancing-crabs-on-an-island video at his face for me:

Also that sign looks great. :smiley:


One person leaves, another comes! :wave: :butterfly:


Oh, hi Nick! Make sure to visit our Steam Friends thread to say ‘hi’ before @delenn13 forcefully throws you there. :joy:


Ah ok, will do. :smiley:


y i do fully agree on that, in fact, someone had asked me about that specifically the very same day his account disappeared, which is actually the only reason i remember it (i even went and checked that pm), and i also immediately said then that it would surprise me that he would have been banned, except if there had been prior warnings in private or so, but since no one had any other ideas (and @CptMold malignantly [u r so evil!] decided to withhold crucial information from all of us), i thought maybe that was the only possible explanation then, i guess i should have kept my mouth shut, not the first time either


It was an understandable question. I had no clue you could actually delete your account until CrazR told me he did just that.

Come to think of it… I think the first thing I asked was “did you get banned for something my dude?”


dude, u can’t talk your way out of this



Aw :frowning: Hope he comes back