Light theme or Dark theme?

But do you have black toilet paper?

bro sorry to disappoint you but since we live in :brazil: half our corneas are already burned to a crisp due to sunlight.

OK, I’m summoning @xist for more info on this. :blush:


Why would I go outside when this could happen anytime? You silly.


The real question is do I have TP at all :thinking: … it’s so dark in there that I don’t know… :joy:


Darkness FTW


Hello darkness, my old friend…


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yep, the closer you get to your screen, the more your cornea contracts, straining your eyes.


Why can’t I love at all?


Sorry to contradict you, but accommodation is a very minor factor in eye strain. Convergence dominates.

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Also for those curious, studies have shown that for visual search and proofreading, using dark letters on a light background resulted in 2.0 - 31.6% greater performance than light letters on a dark background.

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also, if the problem was viewing distance, then what about reading books, which hoomans have been doing for centuries upon centuries without issue, and a book is usually held closer to the face than a screen…



We have also been ruining our eyesight for thousands of years though, glasses invented in 1200-something is partly credited for why European sciences started overtaking the until then ‘advanced’ Chinese. They stopped being able to keep on reading and writing stuff down at an earlier age while European minds were each able to keep at it for decades longer thanks to being able to see stuff.


dude, what???

I think yr slightly overlooking how it was the knowledge of the Islamic world that brought Europe out of the Dark Ages; it was their books, which were studied and translated, and their knowledge and universities which led to the establishment of “European sciences”

and those Arab scholars did it all without glasses btw, till old age; there were thousands of blind scholars too, and lots lost their eyesight due to their studies, but that didn’t prevent them from keeping on amassing and creating more knowledge actually


Never claimed the knowledge itself came exclusively from Europe, but thanks to having the ability to read they could study said texts for most of their lives instead of having to call it quits at 40.

Took them thousands of years to get there though. Europe then caught up and surpassed in ~200 years or something. Thanks, in part, to the longer working life span of European scholars, monks and the like.


y but u did only mention the “advanced” Chinese meanwhile forgetting that there were universities and running water and street lighting in Islamic Spain, which was “right around the corner”

“Cordoba in Muslim Spain was a city of over half a million inhabitants with street lighting and running water. At the same time 10,000 Londoners lived in timber-framed houses and used the river as their sewer.”

“Muslims were going to beauty parlours, using deodorants and drinking from glasses, at a time when English books of behaviour were still telling page-boys not to pick their nose over their food, spit on the table, or throw uneaten food onto the floor.”

source: Medieval Islamic civilisations - KS3 History - BBC Bitesize


Because it was entirely irrelevant to the point.


no, they only started after Islam came, which was in 622; even the Prophet was illiterate, the only “knowledge” they had ever been interested in before that was that of poetry, in which they did excel

the time before Islam is literally known as the “Jahilliyah”, which means “ignorance” (and comes from being ignorant, or being stupid), and u can quite simply describe the Arabs of those days as “barbaric, ignorant idol worshipers”


“Ali ibn Nafi, known by his nickname of Ziryab (Blackbird) came from Iraq to Cordoba in the 9th century … introduced crystal glasses (which had been invented after experiments with rock crystal by Abbas ibn Firnas…)”

source: How Islamic inventors changed the world | The Independent | The Independent


"Not only did the Arab world revolutionize mathematics – it also revolutionized optics. The scholar Alhazen (Abu al-Hasan) from Basra was the first person to describe how the eye works.

He carried out experiments with reflective materials and proved that the eye does not sense the environment with ‘sight rays,’ as scientists had believed up until then. He also discovered that curved glass surfaces can be used for magnification.

His glass ‘reading stones’ were the first magnifying glasses. It was from these that glasses were later developed."

source: 8 Great Modern Innovations We Can Thank Muslims For | HuffPost Communities

so even those glasses, which u claim allowed the Europeans to work and study longer, were in fact a blessing which came from the Arabs

k, now i do apologize for hijacking this thread, lol, but as a form of amends I’ll specify that I do not only like dark chocolate, but also brown and white chocolate :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: , and i also do in fact prefer and use the dark theme (on Twitch as well) as it not only seems more comfortable and easier on the eyes but also illuminates the room less, which has become relevant ever since i gave my mom my office (when she moved in [but it’s her house, :rofl:, which i rent]) and moved my pc in our bedroom, lol


I prefer the dark themes for any site. The light themes burn out my eyes and are generally unappealing to me. :kissing_smiling_eyes: