Leftover Jingle Jam and Others IOW Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays Giveaway(Closed for Drawings)

I JUST realized Christmas is THIS week. :exploding_head::scream::crazy_face: This Christmas is going to be way different. We are going into the “RED” zone Monday so we aren’t going to have much of a Christmas this year. But we got each other so there’s that.

So let’s get to the giveaway.
Rules…The usual…

  1. 2 Weeks Community Forum Membership
  2. 8 Badges
  3. List games in order as how much you want them.
  4. Tell me about a different, abnormal, weird Christmas you have had. Have you ever given “gag gifts” as presents? Or gotten weird gag gifts? Or what strange food have you eaten on Christmas Day? (I have had pizza on Christmas day once.)
    Edited: I am such a twit. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, tell us about a holiday that you DO celebrate and educate us(ME too). Let us know if Covid has affected your Holidays and time with family…

Discobot will decided the winners on December 26 around Noon EST.

Now for the games…With Operating systems. W-Windows M-Mac L-Linux

Alien Breed: Impact W

Among the Sleep - Enhanced Edition WML

Angelica Weaver: Catch Me When You Can W

Atari Vault-100 Games WML

Atonement: Scourge of Time W

Avencast: Rise of the Mage W

AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected W

Bad Dream: Coma WM

Beholder WML

Bohemian Killing WM

Broken Age WML

Broken Sword: Director’s Cut WML

Broken Sword Trilogy WML

Brütal Legend WML

Callys Trials W

City of Chains W

Crab Cakes Rescue WM

Crimsonland WML

Dark Years W

Darksburg W

Dead in Bermuda WM

Drawful 2 WML

Dream Daddy WML

Faeria WML

For The King WML

Orcs Must Die 2 W

Rise of Industry: WML

Safety First W

Starbound WML

Sunless Sea WML

This War of Mine WML

Tooth and Tail WML

War of the Overworld WML

I reserved the right to change or add anything since I know I will forget SOMETHING!!!


Silly question but are these for steam ? Or are you just linking steam box for convenience sake .



And Just in case …If someone else wants to launch a giveaway now, it won’t bother my giveaway.

The more the merrier… :christmas_tree:


In that case i will throw my hat in for :

  1. For The King
  2. Sunless Sea

As for unusual xmas stuff… everything mostly is very usual for me here. It’s just me,my mom and my sis ( and my gf for the last 5 years ) behind the table :slight_smile: sadly my ‘sis is living in Spain so she’s not coming this year for obvious reasons :smiley: But yeah, we dont care for usual xmas dishes too much and even had sushi for christmas one time among other unusual foods.


@delenn13, thanks for the giveaways!

  1. Avencast
  2. Orcs Must Die! 2

For me Christmas food is rather casual. Some times we have ham or duck but it’s not always a regular occurrence. My mom always made just a large dinner with a bunch of different things, because it was a holiday. I am sure that we have had pizza on occasion as well. As for gag gifts, I have never given one and I don’t think I have ever received one either. I guess I am just plain boring, lol! And for this year, we are just going to sit around at home and probably watch Netflix and snack on random things, because why not? Sometimes being lazy and bumming around at home is the best thing to do on a day off!

  1. Dream Daddy
  2. Sunless Sea
  3. Crimsonland

My family always makes a bajilion things from carp. This is Polish tradition, but I hate it - so I managed to talk my mom into buying salmon for me. In case anyone asks, it’s also Polish Catholic tradition to only eat fish on Christmas Eve. Is it really strange? Well, for Poland, imo yes


Here Christmas in January 7 and… it’s just a day :grinning: Much more interesting happened in January 6 or/and 18, something like this :point_down: - cold, ice hole, a lot of people, swimming :eyes:

  • Among the Sleep - Enhanced Edition
  • Broken Age
  • Crimsonland
  • Dead In Bermuda
  • Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator
  • Faeria
  • For The King
  • Orcs Must Die! 2
  • Rise of Industry
  • Starbound
  • War for the Overworld
  1. Sunless Sea
  2. For The King
  3. Starbound

We once tried to change the creamfilling in profiterols with mayonaise to trick people, but we were a little bit too obvious at pushing people to try it. (I was still a kid)


Hello im in the games selected in:

among to the sleep
angelica weaver
atari vault
broken sword trilogy
this war is mine (i want really this game jjajaja XD)
In chrishmas time everything is normal for me i eat one thing and other food no XD
i remember especially one christmas i am hide with my cousins and the tree is full of gifst i surprise the rest on holydays is preety normal



First of all, thanks once again for another giveaway @delenn13 , I appreciate it, and I hope you have a great Christmas. :heart:

Well, I honestly don’t remember from having a weird Christmas, which is usually celebrated between me and my parents. However we also do have pizza, corn bread, buttered biscuits, coca-cola and other sorts of non-related Xmas treats in our table.

I’ll be entering for the following:

  • Alien Breed: Impact
  • Avencast
  • Brutal Legend
  • Crimsonland
  • Faeria
  • For The King
  • Orcs Must DIe! 2
  • Rise of Industry
  • Starbound
  • This War of Mine
  • Tooth and Tail
  • War for The Overworld

I don’t have any weird Christmas story, my Christmas were always pretty conventional. I hope I can participate anyways :sweat_smile:

The list :

  • Darksburg
  • Orcs must Die 2
  • Sunless Sea
  • Starbound
  • Tooth and Tail
  • Broken Sword Trilogy
  • Atari Vault

Not entering because I still have to play the one I won on the previous giveaway, just came to say thanks to @delenn13 for yet another giveaway :raised_hands:

Pizza on Christmas? oh my what has the world come to!!! :open_mouth: baby Jesus is about to cry!! :pizza::cry:

But seriously, here we mainly do BBQ during the holidays, dont know about this year in particular due to the current circumstances but yeah, a nice BBQ. Some vitello tonnato to get things started, a nice cheese board, some cold cuts and whatnot.


Thanks for another GA @delenn13 !!!

Well I really didn’t have any unusual Xmas ( aside from this one of course ) the only I consider different it’s this year, cuz we usually dress up for the occasion but this year we decided to use the same shirts

In order to want

  1. Starbound
  2. Darksburg
  3. Tooth and Tail
  4. Rise of industry
  5. For The King
  6. War for the Overworld

That there @delenn13 be spoilin’ us with them give’ways ag’in! :man_farmer:

It turns out Christmas day is a great day to travel (during non-pandemic times) because most people are already at their destination by then. Last visit to Japan involved what felt like a thousand years in an airplane. Not so pleasant! And aside from a bucket of KFC, not celebrated at the destination lol. It was also weird to not be spending that time with family, but of course we did Christmas early. Now, every year we do Christmas at Thanksgiving with my family, then Christmas at Christmas with the in-laws.

Different location, but about the same longitude, actually:

Thanks again, and put me down for:

  1. Atari Vault
  2. Sunless Sea
  3. For The King
  4. Avencast: Rise of the Mage

I had a weird Christmas day once when I was pretty young. My mom had wanted to see a Christmas tree full of presents under it, I mean full, like stacked-to-the-ceiling full (which I guess isn’t under the tree at this point), like at the end of the movie Home Alone 2 if you’ve ever seen it. So she had the idea of decorating empty boxes with wrapping paper and decorating everywhere with these boxes, but she never told me or my brother. So when we got up for Christmas morning, we saw what we thought were tons and tons of presents everywhere, except… they were all empty. My mom didn’t do it to be mean, she just wanted to decorate our place with those boxes. And there were actual presents under the tree that year, and it was memorable enough because yeah, it did look pretty cool to see all these “presents” everywhere :rofl:

And I’ll just enter for these 2 games:

  1. AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected
  2. Tooth and Tail

Have I given any gag gifts as presents? Maybe… does this one count?

I gave it to a friend a couple of years ago, but she’s a dominatrix, so it was very appropriate - for her - to use on her pets. A gag, but not a gag.
Now whenever I’m at her place and she gets riled up about something and starts speaking wamen, I calmly walk to her lash stash to get it. I come back, apply, and hug for results.
She calms down, laughs all around, it became a running gag amongst her friends.
So a gag, but not a gag, but a gag… I dunno, you decide.

The strangest Christmas food I eve ate? Beer and snacks.
I was on a business trip and everything was going as planned, I’ve finished my last meeting before noon 24th and was about to fly back home for a Christmas eve a couple of hours later. But then weather happened and my connecting flight from Prague didn’t. The worst thing about it was that every hour or two they would re-delay the flight, which kept me stuck on the airport past midnight 25th.
With every passing hour I was getting angrier and angrier, as there are no cancer chambers on that airport and they wouldn’t let me out for a smoke. I don’t eat breakfasts, I don’t eat lunches, so at that point my stomach was hungry, but I don’t get hungry when I’m angry. I can drink though, and Czechs are great brewers, so I went for that. After a few I wasn’t angry anymore, and after a couple more I was ready to eat. And - when I’m ready - I eat NOW. I went to the closest food source - which was a vending machine - and pieced together a traditional Polish twelve-dish supper.
Tiny pretzels were my pierogi and Bounty was my carp. Mountain dew was supposed to be my bigos, but it turns out it tastes like piss, so I didn’t have bigos that night.

The weirdest gift I’ve been given? A Barbie.
When my brother and I were kids we used to play the want game. Whenever we passed a store display, or watch commercials or catalogs (anything that contained toys) we would point out the things we wanted. It was just a pastime for us alone.
It turned out that my mum, bless her heart, took notice, paid close attention, and apparently a doll was amongst the most frequent of our “wants”. Now, this was probably because those dolls were accompanied by cars, houses and other cool accessories which we were actually pointing to, but because we never asked our parents for presents, they did their best to guess.
And so, both my brother and I got a Barbie, each. This made me so gay, I enjoy burly men, dance choreography and wearing no-show socks now - very, very much.

My every Christmas is a family event, so I really don’t have any interesting stories to tell. This year’s gonna be the first odd one… anyways, I’d like to enter for:

  1. War for the Overworld
  2. Broken Sword Trilogy
  3. Among the Sleep - Enhanced Edition
  4. Broken Sword: Director’s Cut
  5. Alien Breed: Impact
  6. Orcs Must Die! 2
  7. AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected
  8. Bad Dream: Coma
  9. Bohemian Killing

PS Just kidding, I would never wear no-shows.


Thanks for the giveaway
As for the story… I am not christian so of course I won’t have a story about Xmas. Can I still enter though? LOL
If yes here’s my choice(s):

  1. Among the Sleep - Enhanced Edition
  2. War for the Overworld
  3. AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected
  4. Bad Dream: Coma
  5. Orcs Must Die! 2
  6. Broken Age
  7. Darksburg

Thanks once again for the giveaway!


I just added this. I should have known better. I am sorry

Edited: I am such a twit. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, tell us about a holiday that you DO celebrate and educate us(ME too). Let us know if Covid has affected your Holidays and time with family…


Hm. I’ve never given a silly gift and my holidays were more ugh, than weird. Funny thing I used to enjoy doing was decorating the plastic tree with my mother for Christmas. Took the same one out every year until it was done and dusted. We both suck at decorating, so at the end, when the lights were turned on, the poor thing would always be an embarrassment to Fir Kind. ^^ Best laughs of the whole year, most years.

Entering for:

  1. Avencast: Rise of the Mage
  2. War for the Overworld

Cheers. :heart:


Oh so, I am a muslim and we have this holiday called Eid al-Fitr back in May (or end of Ramadhan) when we were supposed to be you know going back to our hometown to celebrate with all the folks there. By the end of the prayer, the older people/elder usually give money to the younger ones (or the one with no earnings, basically) and like halloween (kinda?) children will go house to house to ask for money (not candy). With all the lockdown and all of course we couldn’t do that. The good thing is last year we went there twice instead of once so I guess it kinda act as a replacement lol.