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Left Handed Key Bindings For PC Games


Hey, i’m a left handed pc gamer so to help out my comrades i’ll make a list of the games I play and update them with the relevant bindings!


Movement Keys: I J K L
Crouch: n
Building: Ramp is O, Floor is P, Wall is U And Roof is V since I don’t use roof alot. Also, edit is 9
H is Use
Weapons: Reload is Y, Weapons slots are 0, thumb mouse button 1 (shotgun), 8, 7, 6
Alt for inv
Spacebar to jump


Movement is I J K L
H is use
N is crouch
Y for reload
Weapon slots default
Z for push to talk
Spacebar for jumping


Movement is I J K L
O for movement ability
U for offense ability
P for ultimate

Let me know if I missed any binds as i’m doing this from heart


I’m also sinister! Cool. :sunglasses:



Step 1

Step 2





@M00, I used to play Jill of the Jungle with my arms crossed like that when I was a little kid. :laughing:

Me too! It’s the main reason I haven’t yet adapted to keyboard and mouse controls. Thanks for making this topic. I haven’t been able to figure out the best keys to rebind, and I’ve never been able to talk to anyone else with this problem.

I’ve tried rebinding to the arrow keys, but there’s just not enough buttons around those. And then the next game I play forces me to use WASD, so I give up and go back to my controller.

When there is no controller support, I’m severely disadvantaged, which is why I’d like to practice with K&M. I’ll be fumbling about shouting “I’M A REAL PC GAMER NOW!!”

I’m no good using a mouse with my right hand, so sometimes I scoot my keyboard way to the right and try to use WASD. It’s very weird. I’ll give IJKL a try, but it seems like that shift key might be too far away for my little pinky finger.

Any other southpaws in here wanna weigh in?


I am not a southpaw, but what about P, L, Semicolon, and Apostrophe? Then your little finger will be resting on the shift on the right just like WASD and left shift?


I’m currently forced to use my left hand for gaming…

…I use a mouse (badly).


Speaking of playing instruments when you’re left handed, being a violinist I get asked all the time

“But wait, aren’t you left handed?”

And I’m always like

“Yeah fam but there ain’t such a thing as playing the violin on the other side. I mean, just picture what an orchestra would look like.”

Really funny how often I get asked that by close friends :joy:


This is a weird concept for me. I’m solidly left handed (lefties for the win!) yet I just play with the mouse/keyboard normally. Do some of you guys really find it easier to switch movement and the like around from WASD? I don’t know if it’s just how I learned or what though. Using a mouse with my right hand is fine as it is my left that does all the fine tuned things with my fingers.
I do tons of typing with university though so my fingers on both hands have become quite agile. I wonder if that helps?


I write and eat left handed, but that’s about it. I actually have more trouble trying to use a lefty mouse setup.


Are you also able to write with your right?
I’m very much plain right handed and while I can use my mouse with the left to a reasonable degree it is nowhere near with the precision and speed I would require for any serious gaming.



When TotalBiscuit would review a game, the first thing he always did was check out the options menu. He would harshly criticise (s because he was British) every game that didn’t have rebindable keys. This should be a REQUIREMENT for every PC game released otherwise it’s just ignorant and lazy.

Having rebindable keys benefits everyone.


IIRC there is a keyboard with programmable keys. I wonder how it would work.



I’m left-handed for basically everything, but I learned to use a computer right-handed…so I just leave it that way. Random tidbit: Also convenient that I can be writing notes on a notepad while using the mouse!


sounds a bit like cheating :thinking:



I have made respect for left handed people, especially if they learned to use their right hand as good as their left. Like WHAT. :joy::joy:


I’m so confused
are you supposed to use left hand for mouse?


I wish. I’ve only recently improved my left handed writing but I can’t barely write at all with my right.
I’m pretty dominantly left handed though.

Having a right handed mouse and using the keyboard with my left always just seemed perfectly fine.