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Left Handed Key Bindings For PC Games


Wow, so many lefties in here! :sunglasses:

I like @YQMaoski’s suggestion for P L ; '
That feels pretty good. Thanks for the suggestion!

This is exactly why I can’t mouse with my right hand for games. It makes for a good laugh, though. (well, me using k&m controls at all makes for a good laugh; that’s why I need to practice!)

Love TB! :tophat:


You are welcome. :sunny:






What about the arrow keys? Heck, I’m right handed and I use those.


What kinds of games only use 4 keys? Where’s your equivalents for QERF, 123…etc?


Actually. I think I just realized something. I think Corsair keyboards have profile management. I think you can set up keys in a profile to act as WASD that aren’t. Get a mechanical keyboard and you can easily hotswap the keys.

I have a Corsair STRAFE. I’ll test it out.

Hilariously, I already confirmed it by intentionally remapping my Scroll Lock and Windows Store button.


Ohhhh, you’re talking about THOSE kind of games. I’ll be honest, I grew up as a console gamer, so I’m used to simple games where buttons do things like “jump” or “shoot” and hotkeys simply aren’t needed (even Gamecube and PS2 games weren’t usually that complex). In other words, besides the arrow keys, the kind of games I’d prefer playing would only require, say, Z and X (or, in this case, A and S).

What about OKL; ?


Lefty here and like a few others who still use WASD. I grew up on PC games since the 90’s so I suppose I just got accustomed to using mouse right-handed :man_shrugging:t4:

I dislike writing in a notebook; anything or anywhere as something is always in the way of our left hand, lol. Thankfully a computer does not cause that headache for me. Remapping keys should most definitely be default in every game, though!

Hmm… a few ideas of reassigning your keyboard keys:


This keyboard from massdrop that i mentioned is accepting preorders for their next production run. Expected ship date is May 31. Price is $200 USD.


That site requires a log in… So I didn’t. But then again, I am not a lefty, maybe post a couple of screenshots of the images+ description?



Yeah that’s stupid. I was viewing it on mobile and seemed to work fine.