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Last stats on Spins as of today?


These are mine!


Here’s mine!


One spin away aha


We still have coin spins…

Not that it’ll mean much since the coin shop will likely be empty after today…

Or some of us wouldn’t get enough coins to spend even on the cheapest games…


Yeah, but it’s nice to see where we are for now, personally I’ll stop spinning once I see the store is empty, as I can still buy one more thing in a few weeks if it doesn’t sell out.

I also wanted to check if anyone beat my streak before I stopped it.


Here’s mine and I’ll still spin those eleven days so I can at least achieve my 40th Legendary Chest :hugs:


I’ve been very sloppy lately but I think I held it perfect for 2 years or so.
At least 1 year as evident by the old leaderboards.


Since December 2018, I spun daily. I only missed one day, about a week ago.

I didn’t even realize I had until I saw my stats on the next spin saying the previous one was two days prior, oops, #LMAO



Here are my stats:


Oh, I’m there too!
I was really happy when i saw myself there.


Still don’t know how did I manage to click the coin every day :man_shrugging:



Visited nearly everyday the first couple of years and then fell off a bit.


Missed some days here and there, but been mostly daily for a while.


guess this a sort of posterity page. ^^


Just cementing my personal achievement on this site.


Update (June 29):


pfft, you all are sitting on coins while I am sitting on USD

You young ones… I’ve been spinning over a century. I bought a few things, though.


I am nowhere near most of you Chrono fans, but here’s mine: