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Last stats on Spins as of today?


Not the end-end and I am still spinning just cause habit, but lotsa spins, lotsa coins. I’d still kind of like to collect them cause I’m lame, but alas.


I am trying to decide if I should stop at 900 or just go until the end, I think it will end at 903 for me?


I wish I could get 1337 spins. :stuck_out_tongue:


I just achieved my 40th Legendary Chest today yay! :hugs:


I’m getting my 40th tomorrow. Last Legendary… feels


Congrats to us both :+1:

I hope there are more of us getting our 40th Legendaries on but preferrably before the 19th :blush:


When I get my last Legendary Chest, it will be #19.

(seventeen more spins)


2 more spins until my next reward!!! I can’t wait!


I just got my FINAL Legendary Chest. :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Just got my nineteenth and final Legendary Chest. Balance: 4,891 Coins

Yup; even if I got more coins until the 29th, I wouldn’t quite reach 5K. #LMAO


Here’s mine, just got my 36th Legendary yesterday!

I had a lot of fun over the years collecting coins and coin shop games, as well as buying various regular daily deals, was great while it lasted, end of an era :frowning:


I almost made 888 spins! Oh well.



This is mine, Sadly couldn’t spend my coins on the 29th because I needed to do something and by the time I wanted to spend them everything was sold out. Now remaining with those 107,514 Coins.

EDIT: Got my 1000th spin today


I haven’t posted here in a long while but I have been lurking, thought I would post mine



I didn’t make it to my final Legendary Chest, but this is my final spin for the remainder of (Damn it, @M00 beat me by 4 spins when including today. And I had to correct myself no thanks to @M00 adding insult to my injury GRRRRRRRR! ENVY! GRRRRRRR! THIS IS TOTALLY A COMPETITION OF SORTS!)



4 actually


but @delenn13 got us both beat by a bunch, and @Fraggles too by a few, i think, and probably @xist and a bunch of other ppl too


You’ve overtaken me by a fair margin, once the streak stopped being important I started missing days every now and then. Should never have changed the streak system!

I think one of the highest spin counts is still with @truly even if I think he also started missing a day or two back then.


We ended up surprisingly close lol