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Kaz Ball free on Steam - won't be after it leaves EA, so grab it now!


HyperLink - Just in Case!

It seems if you get it now it will add +1 and stay in your library after it leaves Early Access and gets a price tag.


Is this a space/flying version of Rocket League? I never played RL, and with the migration away from Steam, I might never. So I am just curious.

Also, this is kind of vague… :thinking: in terms of thinking about whether or not the game will always be free for people who access it in Early Access.


Yeah indeed… I posted it just in case if it stays, because it’s still up for 2 hours + on r/FreeGamesOnSteam and they usually take down f2p games in matter of minutes. I made sure to wait if it was going to be deleted :smiley:


Wait, yeah, how rude of me, thanks for the heads up. :smiley: :+1:

Hopefully it stays. hehe.

I did add it, it says the name of the game, doesn’t mention anything about free early access version whatnot.



Oh, not at all… usually those look fishy every time… still looks fishy for me, but hopefully it’s up to keep :slight_smile: Cheers!


Honestly thought you were referring to the company EA with the title.


Hey thanks. Not usually attracted to games like this, but wow, it’s pretty.