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Kartrider Closed Beta Giveaway


Not sure if this is allowed so if not, someone can let me know.

It says first come first served. My try yielded a key in just few minutes. It’s a multiplayer game, so it might be fun for some of you lovelies to try out together. Cheers.


Does the site in any way acknowledge your submission? I put my email in and pressed the key button and nothing happened. Now I’m just waiting to see if a key arrives.

Ah nevermind, it requires you to enter your email twice, prompting with grey text on grey background, always a good solid choice.


Hell yeah dumb kart racing! Got a key right away


Got my key. Thanks, @Danacscott :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

A shout out to @KSib… It’s on your WL :sunglasses:


I grabbed a key.


@delenn13 thanks for the heads up! I’m already in the closed beta though :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing as well @Danacscott


Thanks for the reminder. I forgot that the game even had closed betas for the PC version.

Have they announced plans for another closed beta yet?
I’ve only checked the official Nexon site and the last session so far (Closed Beta 2) had ended about 2 weeks ago.


@Fraggles It comes with some type of anti cheat security software.

Same thing is in MapleStory.


Oh man! I remember this game!

It was very popular in Korea in…2006? It has been around for a long time. I’m surprised they made it international and on Xbox no less.

Since it is a Korean game and it is Nexon, beware! beware! Micro transactions and pay2win is very likely. It is in beta? They always talk about micro transactions being cosmetic only. But once they release, they slowly move to inconveniencing players to make purchases in the game.

I can’t remember since it was so long ago…I remember one specific instance when I was racing one other guy, we both didn’t have our boost/turbo/jetpack refilled. So we were going straight at normal speed. But he had a premium go-cart and I had the default kart. So he slowly passed me and I couldn’t stop him. No skill, no tactics, he just had a kart that went faster than mine.

But! It was a fun game. Once I accepted I will never get 1st to 3rd place, I could still enjoy all the little quirks of the game. But if you are very competitive and want to winwinwin, you will need to spend money (if they follow the Korean business model.)


I got one.
Of course, the game can’t even be installed.

But hey, it looked cool, so I figured, why not.


The feels. Hope you can get back to gaming soon or soon-ish.


I think it’s either 64-bit exclusive, or it requires Windows 8.1 or newer. No store page exists, so the sys. req. is not something I have access to (trying to access the store page or anything else from the game just goes to the main store page).


If it’s anything like MapleStory 2’s global closed beta (the global version shutdown last month btw), then you probably can’t download/install the game unless there’s a closed beta active/running.

As I mentioned earlier, their 2nd closed beta ended about two weeks ago and (as far as I know) there hasn’t been any word about future ones yet.


I was able to download it from steam. and it ran, giving me that security prompt. (I hit NO btw and uninstalled)


Guess that (ie. installing/downloading at any time) only applies to the Steam version then. I grabbed a code for both Steam and the Nexon Launcher (because I already had a Nexon account from years ago when I still played Mabinogi and Maplestory); the latter always results in an error whenever I try to install it.

I found this question thread in the discussion board of the actual game’s Steam page, so maybe there’s hope for a 3rd round. Here’s what the developer had to say:


No dates have been announced for anything past the most recent Closed Beta. Keep an eye out on the official website, Discord or here on Steam for more announcements :slight_smile:


Thanks for the heads up, I installed it yesterday but never started it. It’ll have to go then.
Seems like a robust and entirely necessary anti-cheat system that I’m sure no one will be able to…
it’s on fucking github?


I was able to clipboard the sys. req.:
Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7 or above (64-bit)
Processor: Intel i5. Quadcore CPU or above
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 760 or above
Storage: 30 GB available space
Additional Notes: The specs listed in the Minimum System Requirements should be considered the Recommended System Requirements for the June Closed Beta. Minimum system requirements will be released with the game’s official launch.

My OS is 32-bit…


Gee, it looks like it’d be pretty fun, but certainly not worth going through hoops for to run. T_T


Github has a ton of questionable stuff. I very much appreciate that MS didn’t try to make it “clean”.


ever thought about the possibility that maybe he was drafting?

also, some karts are faster than others but might have less boost or less acceleration, so it’s not necessarily a better kart all over