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Kartrider Closed Beta Giveaway


i can’t actually play the game is the beta over or is it region locked?


As I’ve mentioned a few times before, the latest closed beta (Closed Beta 2) has been over since about two weeks ago or so. There’s no word on if or when there will be a 3rd closed beta, but the developer told someone on Steam to stay tuned for more info in the future.


Hahaha. That’s an interesting game mechanic. It wasn’t around when I played it. With its obvious visual letting you know it’s being done. I remembered that specific instance because it confirmed what happened all the time.

Driving straight. Side by side. And he wasn’t just overtaking me. It was a continuous speed until I lost sight of them in the distance. Don’t underestimate p2w.

Oooh. If it helps to confirm that it wasn’t just my opinion. It was brought up in the complaints by 2 friends too. So I can guarantee it wasn’t my imagination. I was there after all.


Hmmm… guess gonna be checkin mailbox from them instead…
Played it 2weeks ago, neat and skillfull fun.