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Journeying into the heart of darkness (or playing Dark Souls for the first time)


Except for resistance buffs, dark souls resistances is one of the weirdest systems I’ve ever seen. Since an increase in resistance points is added to the “bottom” of the pool creating an illusion of having taken damage from the buff which you then have to wait to recover from. Combined with resistance buff spells having a rather short duration you’d end up waiting about half the duration before you enjoy the full effect of the increased resistance.


Fair enough. I was thinking more like weapon buffs, such crystal magic weapon or a bleed/poison buff turning a twinblade into a windmill of death.


Yeah those are nice.
Unfortunately they don’t stack with infusions, as I learned first hand. I was hoping to get my lightning infused sword buffed with a fire spell as well, since I have all this faith for it’s S scaling and all. Unfortunately almost all miracles and faith based pyromancies have proven mostly pointless.


Really? I thought that resins didn’t work but spells did with infused weapons. The weapon just had to be buffable in the first place. I haven’t played in a while though, I could be wrong.


Not elemental infusions, you can spell buff a sharp or heavy infusion. But can’t put a fire buff on a lightning sword. Of course those infusions don’t have a faith scaling so that’d be pointless as well.


That sucks. Could have sworn that was a thing.


I give up. I’ll just farm covenant items till the DLC is on sale lol


It’s all good as long as you have enough shield potions or know where to find a chug jug.


Can anyone help me wt Anri? I screwed her questline up,

but (spoiler)

but she just reappeared out of nowhere to tell me that she’ll be my enemy next time we meet cause of Rosaria’s fingers.

sooo where can I find her? I checked Church and Cathedrale…she’s nowhere to be found :frowning:


That sounds like Sirris not Anri.

Anri's location

But if it is indeed a hostile Anri you’re looking for she’s in the woods before the Cathedral, up on a hill on the right side of the long stairs from the first bonfire after the crystal mage fight. Sirris I do not actually know, maybe around the rotted greenwood arena.


well, that may be what she’s pretending is the reason, but we all know u shouldn’t have told her that new dress made her look fat


My god, it’s indeed Sirris…are you saying I missed her summoning sign on the bridge? Would that even still have been available after finishing everything else? :frowning:
I’ll check that area tmrw or maybe later…on the wiki it says she turns hostile, but doesn’t state where to find her then.

(it’s official, I screwed up all but 2 questlines in this game lol)
EDIT: Actually, it’s 3 questlines…if I count the main story…


I think I just have to face facts…I am a terrible gamer, am awful at Dark Souls, have a magnetic like death wish to fall off things and plummet to my doom and am completely useless at this.


that rly doesn’t make u a terrible gamer though



Yuck Fou Iron Passage…Yuck Fou. Across both games this area (well “that” now I’ve done it and lost all the souls I’d gathered in the process) embodies Fraggles’ previous assertion (iirc) about the Souls games enjoying torturing the player.


The name itself didn’t tell me much but after I looked it up and saw pictures of the area cold sweat immediately started pouring down my forehead. That place (almost the whole DLC really) is absolutely crazy compared to the base game. Both in regards to the actual difficulty but also to the intensity/feel of the game.


Ah yes, my least favorite section of the game aside from the gutter. It’s pretty miserable, I basically only made it through by sprinting by everything and some well timed dodges for the most part. Beware the boss BTW.


Of the whole area? I’ve heard about Fume Knight but I’m not there yet (I tend to do a presearch on hardest bosses in the game so I know where I’m at challenge wise), and thankfully the Smelter Demon, whilst hitting hard was essentially just a souped up reskin. So it took a few attempts but he went down, just like they all do…although I got his 70,000 Souls(?) and then when the Fog Gate went down the flame demon thing flattened me with it’s uber reach and then I got murdered trying to make my way back to my bloodstain. All those souls and effort wasted…(DAMN YOU SOUL MEMORY! YOU SHOULD BE SOULS SPENT!!)

The Passage is just horrible, mainly because of those Phantom Archer things that hit HARD, and most importantly, the Astrologers that hit you with a spell that makes you fat roll and blocks spellcasting. The number of times that totally killed me…sucker punch of fat roll (Astrologer), arrow to the face (Phantom Armour), lightning bolt (Sorcerer thing or Astrologer) and double axe to the face (Axe Wielding things) all in one room, and out of reach ranged enemies because of the platforms…there’s about 6 different enemy types in this tiny area and you just get punished. Now I’ve done it and fully explored, If I had my time again I’d have taken the alternative route through the flame gate lever sections…although doing so by eliminating the respawns, because that second gate is hard to get through. At least that way I’d have been able to get my Souls back safely.

Hopefully will take down Fume Knight later today…


HIS SWORD TURNS INTO EVIL FIRE??? That’s just not fair… :frowning:




Welcome to dark souls.