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Journeying into the heart of darkness (or playing Dark Souls for the first time)


Yay! He almost got me at the end, but a sliver of life is a sliver of life!

(This is a terrible picture of the empty room because I had to take a picture of my TV…)


I think I’m going to take a break at Sir Alonne…I’m not sure what I was expecting after Fume Knight but it wasn’t a Samurai. He doesn’t strike me as too hard (despite that he’s killed me these last three attempts)…it’s just he has a weird delay to his attacks that’s going to take a little adjustment to time dodging effectively.


Congrats! Funnily enough I had more trouble with the blue smelter demon, mostly because of the passage itself. Fume Knight was difficult, but not the hardest boss in the game (which statistically he actually is. More people have died to him than any other boss.)


Thanks…yep, the run up is a nightmare, and it’s why I lost all the Souls I got from the Blue Smelter Demon…it’s terrible for all the points I raised up above, but mostly the spellcasters that destroy your dodge. If not Fume Knight, then who would you regard as the hardest boss in the game???


I’m not really %100 sure about most difficult overall, but the ones that gave me the most trouble were the secret bosses from the Ivory King DLC. Fume Knight is definitely up there difficulty wise though.


So, I’ve been dealing with some complicated decisions (that remain difficult and undecided…and distracting) which has had an impact upon my mood and time, resulting in less forum and gaming time. However, I’m now almost done…Eleum Loyce is almost completed…I started off loving it more than I do now, but I know I’ll finish very soon. I know this because I would have finished last night but I had a terrible boss moment against Lud and Zallen…my weapon broke with only a sliver of health left on Zallen (and Lud dead). I’d unequipped everything to boost stamina recovery and roll speed, so whilst I usually have a backup I had to access my menu screen and select something else. Sadly I failed to get out of the menus in time, but It’ll certainly be a boss fight I remember because of that.

And if I thought that the Iron Passage was bad, well the Frigid Outskirts sucks donkey balls…WORST area ever. I’ve struggled, and struggled with the area over and over…it’s just not fun. No amount of justification can make it fun either.

Also, Soul Memory hurts my enjoyment of the game. On one hand I’ve enjoyed DS2 more than the first game, but because of Soul Memory it’s one of the few games that I actually feel uneasy/scared/worried playing, in case I actually make the opportunity I have for fun less. I’ve taken a look at the numbers and must have lost about 2.5 million souls (yes, I have been careless…I would not make this mistake again…although I probably would). Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls don’t really punish you for dying over and over, and I’m still unused to the fact that there’s a real danger of screwing yourself over (in terms of multiplayer) by just rushing in, throwing yourself at a problem over and over until something works, without a care or concern for failure. I’m that kind of player who just rushes in, and whilst I’m not terrible, I really feel like I’m terrible when someone Invades and just one shots me.

Such a shame that they didn’t patch out Soul Memory and go back to Soul Level.

King’s Pets…you die tonight!


I actually had a similar experience with Lud and Zallen with exhausting my equipped supply of weapons and having to switch to another one using the menu! I managed to pull it off though and the end result was thus different :stuck_out_tongue:. Some enemies just demolish your weapons due the way durability is implemented in DaS2.

If I’m not mistaken both Iron Passage and Frigid Outskirts were areas where you could be summoned to even if you didn’t own the DLC as a way to get DLC item drops and have a taste of the areas, so they are heavily geared towards summoning and it shows! I’ve done them both solo once, but on subsequent runs I’d just end up summoning (I think both have NPC summons available).

I also find it quite interesting how much you care about Soul Memory. I’m pretty meticulous with Souls-games though, so I don’t usually lose too many souls (although in DaS2 I racked up the SM off multiple characters by upgrading lots of items I didn’t end up using for very long). Didn’t really notice much of a difference in getting summoned or dueling whether I was playing on my SM-optimised character or on a character where I didn’t focus on SM at all. I guess they figured both Soul Level (leads to twinking) and Soul Memory (too punishing) alone were flawed systems and tried to fix it in DaS3 by mixing them up.


That must have been an exhilarating win. I was so, so close only to have it snatched away from me…although saying that I bet I really struggle when I return for the rematch. This is the last thing I have to do in the game before I move on to something else (I’m going to save replays for the PC version which will hopefully have more active players)…if I have any comment about the bosses though, it’s that on the whole they’re a lot less interesting than in the previous Souls games. Demon’s Souls had the most interesting variations (Tower Knight, Old King Allant and Maiden Astraea all immediately spring to my mind), with Dark Souls somewhat behind. In comparison DS2’s menagerie just doesn’t have that awe inspiring touch.

I haven’t summoned at all through the game, and I’m doing the boss fight alone, but there’s no way I’m going back through the blizzard on my own. No chance.

It’s possibly silly of me (I also won’t use consumable items in RPG’s because…) but I’m approaching 5 million souls total and with the diminished PS3 userbase I feel like it could isolate me from other players of equivalent skill level. I’m not really a multiplayer gaming but the Souls games do it in such a way that it’s almost compulsive. Every time I lost souls it hurt…losing 55,000 to that stupid white trick phantom was agony…Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


Definitely agree with DaS2 bosses being quite uninteresting. Lots of dudes in armor. Reused bosses. Bosses that are just a bunch of enemies thrown together. When trying to think of the more interesting bosses of DaS2 only Old Iron King came to mind. After checking a list of DaS2 bosses I think I would also include Demon of Song, but that’s pretty much it.

You really fell for that? I guess you did mention you were a terrible gamer earlier :joy:.


Yep, although due to outside cirumstances, Lud and Zallen are the only bosses I haven’t beaten yet.


I feel a little bereft…I’ve done everything, climbed every insurmountable obstacle, and I just don’t feel that I can easily move on…there’s just nothing quite like that Souls feeling.

I’m trying to use my Cracked Blue Eye Orbs for the time being…I don’t feel right invading other players who are just having fun, but dispensing justice to those who have actually invaded other people feels like I’m obeying the karmic balance.


I’ve removed Dark Souls 1+2 from my wishlist and decided to just one day get 3 and just ignore 1+2

That is my Dark Souls tale (I did play a few hours of 2 and got past some bosses back when i was a pirate, aaaarrrggghhh!)



Play them in reverse order as I intend to. I already have DS2 lined up for when I’m truly done with DS3. Though I might take a break and play something else inbetween, have a couple of RPGs I’ve been holding on to for a while now.


Sate my curiosity - Which ones?


Well as you might recall I started Tyranny and then found it discounted well enough to be worth picking up so I’ve been hoping to finish that some day, also have Pillars of Eternity full of DLC waiting in the wings. I have played (most) of shadowrun returns but have not yet touched neither Dragonfall nor Hong kong. Also wanted to give Rakuen a go since I got it from a giveaway here so it has skipped up the queue a bit, then I have Inquisitor and The First Templar that I’ve meant to dive into … at some point.

While I have played through Final Fantasy X, it also came with X/2 which I’ve not yet tried and then I also have The Last Remnant from square as well. Picked up a couple of the Neptunia games too a while back and oh god I don’t think I’ll manage to live long enough to get through my backlog.

Ara fell looked kind of nice too, I’m ALMOST done with Legends of heroes: Trails in the skies, though that entire series looks tempting.


I can’t play them in reverse order cuz then the lack of improvements which came with each one will frustrate me.


ok pretty woman, I guess I’ll add them to my wishlisht again


That would be the case if there actually was a linear sort of improvement to the games. They’re all very different from each other and people could argue until the cows came home about which one is the best. Only real direct improvement would be graphical fidelity, but that’s not something that you’ll be too hung up about for too long I’m sure.


hm, u guys should be salesmen, installing DS2 right now…

1 isn’t on sale and 3 is too expensive still with all content