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Journeying into the heart of darkness (or playing Dark Souls for the first time)


I played that on the PSP…not sure how much I enjoyed it to be honest. It was good, but not stellar. Certainly not something I’d rush out to complete the series. Final Fantasy X2 is great by the way…ignore all the naysayers. If anything it’s more fun than X.

Enjoy! I really liked DS2…had a lot of fun with the whole thing, even though it was quite different in design from the first game.

WAIT ONE SECOND!?!!?!? Are you done with Hollow Knight yet???


how could i be done with hollow knight if i’ve been playing FO4, Fez, Rocket League, Plants vs Zombies, Monkey Island, The Room, Bioshock Infinite (finished it but not dlc yet), Borderlands 2, Dirt 4, Reigns: Game of Thrones, and a bunch of other shit which i dont even remember!

I have been finishing (some) games btw, been working on that actually.

I don’t plan on starting DS2 atm btw, playing too much other stuff; i don’t know what’s wrong with me, i’m playing like 5 or 6 different games atm rofl


You need serious help. Finish Monkey Island and The Room (won’t take long), decide whether you’re clever enough for Fez (I didn’t enjoy it much), and then finish Bioshock Infinite (why didn’t you start at the first game??) Put the others, including DS2 on the back burner until you finish stuff. Then move onto Fallout 4 again etc…

You’re allowed to play Rocket League on a dip in and out basis.

I EXPECT RESULTS! End game screencaps.


Well there you have it Harith, that’s your task for the next month. We wont have you enter the new year with all these half finished games.


Damn right!


i didn’t own any till i won infinite here in a giveaway, i enjoyed it so much i bought the complete collection afterwards, and i don’t want to play its dlc before playing 1+2 first since the dlc is in rapture (i think that place is called rapture?) also.

I’m playing RL most of all atm cuz the game is purely based on skill built up by playing the game as much as possible and for some reason i rly enjoy competitive games

oh y, that reminds me i’ve been playing some Overwatch too, and i still wanna play through the story of Destiny also rofl

and Borderlands pre-sequel, and Deponia complete journey, and Darkest Dungeon, and … hm easier if i show u, i wanna play all this:


(castle of illusion and the lego games are installed for my kids [now and then they can play on my pc though they have their own] i dont feel like playing those)



y i’m done with both now :smiley: so now there’s the sequels rofl


OMG Hitman (season 1, and i guess 2 is even better) is good! I might actually replay some of the missions to explore more of the maps, kill in different ways, and unlock more shit. (the internet-always-on is shit ofc; my internet actually cut twice last night while playing, grrrrrrrrr)

Why didn’t anyone tell me?

You’re all fired!


We didn’t tell you because you’re not allowed to play hitman right now. I believe @Xist was very clear on this.


If I told you that I was sending small ninja electricians with wire cutters to disrupt your internet that probably wouldn’t have gone down so well.





Look, a three-headed monkey!


“You fight like a cow!” … ok I will let myself out…


I again feel the need to stress how good this game (Hitman - yes i do realize this is a Dark Souls thread but I’ll get to Dark Souls once i start playing DS2 rofl) is. If you merely play through the game once you really cannot realize how detailed and expansive these levels are. I’ve played through Paris 4 times now (having first played through the whole game’s story once) and i still discover new things and places with every playthrough; I still have 30 assassination options left to do on Paris alone! And I also love the way they’ve put unlocks behind xp, which keeps the game interesting as I only unlocked the sniper rifle after 12h of gameplay (and also a smaller silenced pistol who doesn’t get discovered when getting frisked at checkpoints), and the game also allows u to start in different places already undercover wearing different disguises at the start, which also unlock with xp.


k finished Monkey Island 2 and Gemini Rue, lol

how is this on topic, u ask, well it’s part of my road to Journeying into the heart of darkness (playing Dark Souls 2), lol


Both great games.


You know, I know a certain person that would love to get @'d and talk to you about this.


y, pretty good, just finished Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons too, which is even better, kinda hesitating now, do i first try to finish Borderlands 2 (still have the pre-sequel waiting) and Fallout 4 (both a huge endeavor seeing that I still plan on doing all side quests in both) or do i just leave those for now given that they are both vry ez to get into at any time and it doesn’t rly matter story-wise whether I finish those now or in a year or whenever and go into Hollow Knight and try to complete that (also a pretty big endeavor) and then move on to Dark Souls 2?

I’ll try to refrain from starting other new games atm (such as Bioshock 1+2, The Room 2+3, the Deponia trilogy, Primordia, Owlboy, Spaceplan, Shadow Tactics, Mark of the Ninja [:rofl:] etc., but no promises there though, lol), but i guess i might jump in some other unfinished games now and then whenever I feel like it (like Trials Fusion, Project Cars, Dirt 4, Half Life 2 maybe, or whatever rogue-like when i feel the urge to do so), and I’ll be playing Rocket League almost daily for sure too

My motivation for playing Dark Souls 2 is pushing me to finish other games as i have forbidden myself to start until i finish certain other stuff too (and at least Hollow Knight now, I guess)


I’ll be getting a new computer in Jan. so I’m happy to try and join in some jolly cooperation (or invade you) sometime. DS2 was a ton of fun.


@HouGuard @GanbaRANGER
Just thought I’d mention that this is the cheapest the season pass has ever been, if you add the fanatical10 coupon to it this is still a really pretty good deal.