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Journeying into the heart of darkness (or playing Dark Souls for the first time)


But I get 30FPS at all times just fine?
The remaster reintroduced some bugs and also it costs money.
What’s ethernet to do wt my fps?


I’ve played 493 hours of DaS1 with DSFix enabled and not once did I fall trough the ground. As a precaution I usually did stop sliding before hitting the ground though. Also, you can do quite interesting things with Cheat Engine in DaS1 to spice up the game, for example removing the aggro range limit from the enemies makes for quite a challenge, as you’ll never know where the mobs will ambush you :stuck_out_tongue:.


I played not even 30h and fell through 2-3 times, lucky you xP


Soul Memory is honestly destroying my enjoyment of DS2…I’m not a great player and end up being distracted or falling off things and dying, or rushing and dying. Having to worry about the meta game on top of that is almost making me want to stop altogether.


just go offline, I’ve never cared about soul memory :smile:


The issue is co-op is a good way to have fun, restore your humanity and learn the game. On the PS3 the community is much diminished so I’m effectively reducing my opportunity for fun interaction and increasing the possibility that I’ll get destroyed by invaders, just by being a bit rubbish. Just managed to lose 110,000 souls due to fall damage in the Iron Keep…


I’d quit lol
Never lost more than ~ 30k, I was very very cautious as I remember quitting DSII last time after losing like 5k souls to that platforming section early on.

I know everyone loves MP in this, but I soloed 2 fully and 3 for most of it, there are still some NPCs for boss summons, so it was still fun to me :smile:


Today I lost probably around 300k souls in total and on this damn stretch in the ringed city I have probably lost well over 600k souls in total thus far. But I don’t really even care that much about souls anymore at this point.


Sounds to me like you should switch one of your rings to a Ring of Life Protection when you’re loaded like that. Especially since you can repair that ring too. Agape Ring might be a worthwhile thing to consider if you need to fine-tune your SM or will be doing a long co-op session that would rack you hundreds of thousands of souls or something.


I’ve just found out that you can repair that ring…coming straight out of Dark Souls I assumed that they were one time only things. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


Did the same thing with the ring repairs. and if it makes you feel any better, I was up to around 25-30 MILLION soul memory by the time I got and moved into DS3.



I HATE, LOATHE, DeSpIsE the Gutter…10 million deaths, 250 billion souls and a lot of moss later and I have almost no clue where I’m going (other than straight down to death…).

It’s not even fun…and the ring doesn’t help from unexpected fall losses… :sob:




The gutter was that foggy area wt the mutant dogs, right? Tbh I felt it was super easy to get through and super difficult to not miss items :sweat_smile:
Didn’t use moss, skipped a bonfire and died maybe once or twice xD but then I also walked past those dogs, fck these things

Advice: skip DSII cause you are likely already through the good 50% :smile:


Eh I think he should finish it. I know it has it’s issues but I still love it.

@xist Yeah that area sucks, but there’s some good stuff in there. Also torches are your friend.


The DLCs are widely regarded as the best part of DS2 though (same as any other soulsborne game :stuck_out_tongue:) and I don’t think @xist has been there yet.


Oh, DLCs…right…ppl have those :sob:


Finally beat that awful area…Blighttown and The Valley of Defilement felt like a cakewalk in comparison because here I had ZERO idea where I was going and kept plunging to my doom. Although, and consider me loopy if you disagree…I’m kind of enjoying the whole thing a little more than the first game thus far…except of course for Soul Memory…whoever thought that was a balancer was very wrong indeed.

Glad to hear that the DLC is great, BUT, kind of worried as I’m rolling with a swords and sorcery type build (since I just went melee in Dark Souls with no ranged at all I wanted to mix things up…it’s also why I’m dying a fair amount because I forget how squishy I am with much more distributed stats this time), and it was confirmed above that the DLC areas are hateful to anyone using magic.


It’s an awful area rly, it’s weird but it makes you appreciate the dark cave full of terrible creatures that follows, right? :sweat_smile:
Next boss also isn’t too frustrating which should make up a bit for that hellhole.

You could respec if you fear your stat distribution is screwing you :slight_smile:


Depends on the Magic. Some of the bosses maybe, but buffing yourself is always useful. Also, the first DLC has one of, if not my favorite weapon in the game. Won’t spoil it, but it’s tons of fun.

Edit: tucked away in the third DLC is my other favorite weapon :slight_smile: ah the fun stuff that is hidden there.