🎃 Giveaway: Added 3 More Games[CLOSED]

Update 2: 30 more minutes for the giveaway of Monster Loves you. I’m gonna do a giveaway of 3 more games, decided to use the same thread so I don’t spam the community too much. Original post is at bottom.

Okay, so here’s the deal, I tried to do a giveaway stream today and while the stream went great, I failed to have an actual giveaway as I did not have any viewers interested in any of the games. :sob:

So I have made 3 SteamGifts whitelist only giveaways for both my viewers that may have missed my stream as well as y’all lovely people here on Chrono. If you would like to join any of the giveaways, please message me with your name on SteamGifts so that I can add you to my whitelist.

Alternatively, you can comment in this old expired giveaway as I can just click on you to add you to whitelist.

All three giveaways will run from October 7th at 2 PM CDT to October 10th at 2 PM CDT. So, 3 Days duration.

Here are the games: (Hover over the links to see a little blurb about the game.)

Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love Collectors Edition
Witch It

P.S.- Please continue to post any Octoberish themed if you would like as I quite enjoyed this.

Update_**Update:**_ Just letting everyone know that the giveaway will be extended. Due to Hurricane Nate heading around my area, I had to reschedule my stream which will probably still be ongoing when the daily deal releases. So, instead of about **3.5 hours** remaining there are **6.5 hours** remaining. **2 PM CDT** is when the giveaway ends.
Original Post Back in May, I purchased the 3 pack of Monster Loves you by accident. Must not have had my coffee that morning. I used one for myself and gave away one, but noticed I still had one copy in my inventory.

So, let’s make this a bit fun. This is my favorite month of the year for obvious reasons. it is obvious, right?! I want you to post Octoberish It’s a word, I think. things. That can mean your favorite Halloween experience, creepy story that either happened to you or your favorite fictional/real story that you have read/heard elsewhere, appropriately themed music, meme, joke, poem and/or whatever else. There are no limits, have fun with this.

I will close this giveaway around Saturday’s daily deal release. If my math is correct, that is in about 30.5 hours from now? The winner will be chosen randomly and pm’d. as it is a gift in my steam inventory, I will have to add the winner as a friend on steam, so be prepared for that. We can remain friends afterward or you can drop me after the transaction, that is up to you.

Okay, let’s see if I can get this link to work correctly so that you can see what this cute little game is about.


Hope this is within the scope of your theme, it’s the first thing I thought of when I thought monster

The Monster at the End of this Book, starring the Loveable Furry Old Grover

(6:30 minutes, the whole story voiced by Grover)

I had a copy of the book when I was but a wee child and absolutely loved it. It was my first experience with this type of story telling, forth wall breaking sorta thing. I was so compelled to turn the page and discover who or what would be at the end of the book. I really felt Grover was talking to me and I thoroughly enjoyed his attempts to stop me turning the page.

Spoiler for the end of the book but I love that it is Grover at the end, you make the title come true by reading the book and I think it’s also a good lesson that we shouldn’t just assume things (that the monster is bad) and actually discover the truth because in the end it was nothing to be afraid of, just Grover saying that you were the one who was so scared.

Don’t know what happened to the copy I had, my mum probably has it somewhere though I do know it became very worn and I think the pages may have started falling out but I still would read it.

Thanks for the giveaway, good luck everyone.

PS I’m Australian and we really don’t give a shit about Halloween no matter how much the supermarkets try and sell us costumes and spooky themed lollies, the week after Halloween it all ends up on clearance sale, but they still do it every year


Just a heads up, since it’s directly from your inventory, there’s a chance it’s region locked. Check if the item displays the available regions to be traded with.


cute game, i just recently played it :japanese_ogre: (planned to make an entry about it in the usual thread)
i love this type giveaway with fun little strings attached :+1:,
not gonna enter, as i own it, but thanks for doing this, and i might stop by and edit to post in style of the theme anyway :crazy_face:

(you should really enter and try this silly game) :blush:
best of luck everyone

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@nebula7 No worries, definitely within the theme, Grover is a monster and monsters are Octoberish. Still a word! I swear! Oh dear, that was so very funny and indeed a good lesson, my daughter sitting next to me found it equally funny. Thank you for the story. Well stories actually, as the video was a story all by itself.

P.S. - Gasp, not into Halloween?! :scream_cat: :crying_cat_face: :sob: But…but…but…spoopy. Meh, I enjoy all things creepy, spooky, spoopy, and horrifying regardless of time of year. Halloween itself is mainly for my kids, I’ve actually never really been into the trick-or-treat part, just all the history, stories and other stuff related to it.

@Enki Thank you for reminding me that I should check that and no region restrictions on store page or gift info to be found so it seems that it is not region locked. :smiley_cat:

@Gnuffi Yes, it is an adorable game. I enjoy it quite a bit. Yeah, noticed a few giveaways here with themes and it seemed like fun so I took them as inspiration and ran with it. No need to enter in the giveaway to join in, so I look forward to anything, if any, that you may post later. :heart_eyes_cat:


My most horrific and startlingly traumatic Halloween tale follows as such…

In 2011/12, I dressed up as the Ghost of Ultimate Spider-Man (a FANTASTIC idea) and got no sweets or candy. Mainly because no one knew who the hell I was, only that it was somewhat tied to Spider-Man because I was wearing his mask.

Still haunts me till this very day.

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They wouldn’t give you anything because you are Satan, spideyman had nothing to do with it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Seriously though that’s pretty sad.

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:astonished: Not even a piece of candy out of pity?! :chocolate_bar::candy::lollipop: That is horrifying and so very sad. :crying_cat_face:

Though, this is probably the real reason… :smirk_cat:

What the heck country do you live in where you are only rewarded with sweets if your costume is recognizable?! Just come to my house next time, I give all my candy away to the first ten kids so I don’t have to stay up late.

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Appropriately themed music you say?
Happy to oblige!



I’m not sure this counts, as it’s all tangled up with christmas, but this is one of my favorites for the season:


I am loving those songs, even if I can’t understand a word…well that’s a bit exaggerated as I clearly heard “Scary Halloween Show” and “Trick-or-treat” in the first one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Already have the game…But …

Or maybe this…

I am basically lurking right now…Eye is blurring and scratchy…But I survived.


That. Is. My. Favorite. Song. Ever! Also definitely a Halloween movie/song, no question.

:smiley: Always amuses me how creative people are with Christmas lights…so much money used, too. :woman_facepalming: I wish you a speedy recovery with your eye. :hugs: On a side note…never using the hugs emote ever again…as if losing grey kitten wasn’t bad enough, they went and made hugs ugly and not as clear as to what it is. :sob:

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Literally me while watching this


Well, I got some candy. Though I don’t recall it being much. XD


I dunno, I live in Ireland. XD

I don’t think I minded that much though, because we still had some stuff left over anyway.


Good to hear that you at least got some candy. :confused: Still sad that you were basically “punished” for your costume choice. :crying_cat_face:

Yours kinda reminded me of this little spooky/epic theme