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It's Coming - Borderlands 3


You guys better get ready to install epic launcher after the video i saw on twitter that has since been deleted advertising BL3 as an epic exclusive. Yeah i get that it’s aprils fools and could be a joke but randy pitchford does support epic.



RiP my save games :disappointed:
in anticipation of the remasters i decided to install the “old” BL games, just to check
and as i peeked into the game i noticed my toons were… “off”… or even lacking…
guessing something must have borked in the cloud… -and i was so certain i had backed them up locally exactly to protect in case of that :man_facepalming: guess not :persevere:
(seems i forgot/missed bunch of other game’s saves too :confounded:)

*just won’t buy BL3 now :smirk:
:tipping_hand_man: -saves 40bucks for something else instead :ok_hand:




inb4 epic exclusive despite crowfunding goals and “nonapology” sellout vid :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

too soon?


Borderlands 1 + 2 + Pre-Sequel enhanced versions are live and free on Steam! just update or install the game; might have to restart your Steam to activate it.


Borderlands 3 pre-purchase page active on Epic games

apparently they don’t feel it should be cheaper for anyone at all, regional-wise, nor do they feel the customer should benefit from the prize-saving possibilities of this store either, lol


Not surprised at all… Most reviews contain mainly the word “epic” for some reason :smiley:


I know I shouldn’t be, but for some reason I am excited to play through an "updated’ BL1, because there were so many quality of life and general improvements between 1 and 2 (not to mention some smoothness changes between 2 and 3.5).

Welp, looks like I get to go back through all 3 games again.


is it just me or does it seem like it’s not “enhanced version” -but merely a texture pack for the original game (as “feared”) :face_with_raised_eyebrow: -at least i aint seeing separate entries for bl2 or pre sequel, only bl1


:rofl: ahaha damn talk about salt… i will never understand that heroin additc "must have day 1"gamer mentality -just f’n wait, or skip entirely :man_shrugging:
THERE IS NO GOD!muh game i wanz aint weres i liking :pouting_cat:


I don’t even have a separate entry for 1 actually, just the name changed to BL1 GOTY


I’ve got Borderlands GOTY and Borderlands GOTY Enhanced, so there should be separate entries o:


yep yep, i do now too, thx for calling that to my attention! I didn’t have that earlier.


They had said they made updates to the map, co-op quest and included customization…

Plus gold chests (so we win some and we loose some)




i think that Randy guy did insinuate it would only be for 6 months or so, which i think is kind of ok





It’s enough to piss me off because everything will be all over the internet by then.


Don’t worry we all know

Your info is in the best of hands.


oh wait that’s illegal