Issues Getting A Refund

To Whom It May Concern,

I would like a refund of my order [order ID is in the email I sent on 6/25/2018]. I’ve tried every possible solution to allow me to play the game to no avail. I’ve worked with the devs of the game, and other community members, but I am having no luck. Every time I tried to launch the game I get an error message. What is my recourse on receiving a refund for my order?

Any assistance and insight is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

Best regards,



This is what the help section has to say on the matter.

Since we make sure to only offer the very best games, we only offer refunds in very rare circumstances. If you’ve encountered an issue with your order that you believe warrants a refund, please contact us at as soon as possible with details on why you’d like a refund and the order ID.

I would speculate that you might very well qualify for one of those very rare circumstances. But that’ll be up to @lonin, @EMCL or @dusty to decide.


Yes, that is what I am wishing for - someone to clarify on the very rare circumstances and if I qualify. I’ve emailed and have yet to hear back thus my post here. Thank you for your input, though, Fraggles! :slight_smile:


It is the weekend so might it might be a couple of days. Have patience, but come back if you don’t hear anything soon at least.


Yeah, I figured it would be a few days (6/25 since emailed) but figured I would try here to raise notice to my concern. Patience is key - as is awareness :smiley:

Take care and have a great weekend


May I ask wich game is this one giving you so many problems?


Dear Anthony,

It warms my heart to finally hear from you after so many years. We have been so worried. Your grandfather has been asking about you over and over and we never knew what to say to him, so we kept telling him that you were out at sea, hunting for whale.

Please let us know where you are and how your life is now; have you made your dreams come true? Have you found what you were looking for? Will you ever come back to us so that mother may hold you in her arms? It has been so hard on her. Father never says anything, but he’s been drinking so much, I guess it’s his way of coping…

As for us, we are doing fine, but the war has left its mark. The men can’t find jobs, and sometimes there’s no food. Do you remember your friend Drew? He has asked me to marry him, and I might accept, if you think I should do so. Please let me know; and please come home.


Your sister Annabelle.

P.S. I hope you get a refund.


:rofl: at your edits…


Dear Annabelle,

Has your letter reached Anthony safely? It has been 3 months since I last had word from you, and I worry that your brother may have become lost at sea. My heart longs to hear his voice again, and to listen to the many tales he must have to share by the warmth of our fireplace.

The bed has been cold at night, and at times I have considered seeking comfort in another man’s arms. But alas, I know I must not. God would never forgive me if I turned on my husband. The devil would take me, and who would be here, to greet him with open arms, if the devil had all but deprived me of my reason?

I must not lose myself in this hour of need. Now is when I must be at my strongest.

Oh, and I thought it would please you to know that Annabelle has been speaking so much lately! Through her scant vocabulary all she asks about is Anthony. She wishes to meet her father so. I feel her pain, and through her, I suffer even more.

My dearest, please send word for me at once if Anthony shows up at your doorstep. I know that at times I’ve been too demanding, and my arms may not be the first he seeks upon his return.

God be with you and your mother,

Your faithful friend Elizabeth.

PS: @harith I spent far too long writing this. I blame you.


Dearest Elizabeth,

I fear Mother and Father were right in their protests, and that this journey is indeed a foolish mistake. It’s just that our lives had been so tawdry and dull, wrapped up in the swaddling cloth of over protective parents, and I craved adventure so. Skelton seemed like such a bold and mysterious figure, with his tomes and manuscripts, and the eldritch secrets he promised seemed so alluring. At first every fork in the road was a thrill, and every ruin a small piece of history. But then we found the catacombs.

It’s been five long nights since I last saw daylight and these accursed crypts grow darker by the hour. Our lanterns flicker in the musty air and the yellow patina of lichen coats everything. From the corner of my eye I swear I’ve seen movement, but when I turn there is nothing there. Bates thinks I’m just missing the comfort of a soft bed and open fire, but I know that we’re not alone down here.

The whispering grows louder and a low rumble sounds in the distance. Strange chanting fills the air…Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn, the words unfamiliar and yet somehow I know that my penmanship is without fault. What? Is that light I see in the distance? The lantern is spluttering out now, and I can no longer see well enough to write. Sister, I must go, for I hear his call. Tell Mother and Father I love them, and that when I return I shall bring them gifts.

Your ever loving brother,




I’m a bit backlogged on support tickets, but I’ll get back to you shortly. A refund won’t be an issue. :slight_smile:


To ALL my Favourite Chronies,

Please, I beseech you, do not take this thread, yet, down another rabbit hole. We lost one because we could not contain ourselves. Please go elsewhere to rant and rave in your madness. This account is but not even 1 day old. Be kind!

I call upon the powers of @lonin, @frst @EMCL or @dusty to rectify this problem!

And I welcome @ARS85 to the forum. :heart_eyes: These people be crazy…


I have no idea what you’re talking about every thread here seems entirely normal to me, new user askes a question, got an answer and then for no reason @delenn13 comes in with some weird baseless accusations of us being funny. That then some how spins the thread out of control.

Delenn please stop derailing entirely reasonable help/support threads.


@Lonin, thank you for the heads up, acknowledgment and assistance. I understand how things may certainly get backed up; especially after E3G3. Again, thank you for your time. I have patience. Thanks again and good luck on getting caught up with things!

@Delenn13 and the “others” (lol). Very strange… lol but I suppose I am missing some background with the “others”, and I do not take offense to it. Thank you, though, Delenn :wink:

@The “others”: your brother misses you all - the seas are rough - see you all soon!




Oh Noes! You have encouraged “them”. My hands are tied now…


TL;DR version. Chronies like to take a thread OT. It’s not a worthy thread unless they do.


Well, I would actually like to apologise to harith and coralinecastell for going off on a non nautical tangent and ruining the story they established with my fever dream. In my defence Dark Souls and podcasts about Eternal Darkness have a horrible effect on your sanity.



and who even is Annabelle?



Your missing nothing other than people in this community like taking innocent threads from newcomers and derailing them till they are beyond recognition. And with that I say welcome to the community, hope you stay a while and derail other peoples threads with us (though it kinda needs to stop especially with new peoples threads).