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Introvert's Antidote - Handheld game system


I can do that with my Android too. Plus i use FileLink and I have lots of friends with the codes but @Imaynotbehere4long has a Kindle Fire. And I heard it wasn’t that easy. Just asking for real.


Personally I’d go for a smaller sized tablet, they have many fun portable games and can be picked up very cheaply. And you can download an emulator. I guess just be aware of how much space it has, how old it is and how fast.

Never been a fan of PSP find it kinda clunky then again it does have a few good games.
For handhelds 2ds personally puts me off because you cant close it lol, though if you go for the 2ds XL then it’s decent I think, and sized well. (Though I still prefer 3ds :yum:)

There are a lot of cheap emulator type handheld gaming systems or android not just knock offy type ones, but most of the time not really worth it? Unless you pick it up for cheap in a flea market, but most of the time I see them priced surprisingly high.

Though I suppose that game device isn’t that expensive so if you’re on a budget then it’s still worth considering, or something worse and cheaper tbh lool. Like those game handhelds with pixel graphics. But really I would think something from a reputable company is better.


Agree. Some people hear say that the they don’t “use the 3d” of the 3ds, do you? I looked it up and a lot of the old Zelda game like Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask are available for that system.

My bestie owns Phantom Hourglass (gifted to me) for her 2DS - right now, we can’t find it. O_O. I played a little crossword game last night - the wand is okay and the whole thing is pretty light. I’d have to research a smaller sized tablet - they all look pretty big to me. Also, come to think of it, not sure how big a Kindle Fire is, herm. There also 3 kinds but this one is more in what I’d be willing to spend - any anxiety aid is worth it. nod nod


Tbh hardly but occasionaly it was fun to take 3d photos or stare at 3d nintendogs although its not very comvincing 3d. And tiring to actually play games in it. More gimmicky but cool.

I guess also prefer 3ds because I like the look and design better. But no not much difference lol at least with 2ds XL which is advantaged over standard 3ds in screensize ofc.

I heard amazon tablets are locked into amazon services unless you unlock them so not sure if they are great tbh even if cheap and smaller? Never had one though I had samsung even though they come with so much bloatware and the older ones r so slow, and i guess ipads too.

Oh and I reccomend lenovo too ive seen it cheap. Though there are always refurbished ones which are cheaper.


I used to have a Fire Tablet HDX, had a great FHD screen and wasn’t a slouch, but darn, even sideloading .apks was hell. I managed to load Google Play onto it, but many apps wouldn’t ever work properly. E.g. Nova Launcher couldn’t set a background image, apps would fail to switch between landscape and portrait…

my point is, I’d go a long way around Amazon products. Try to go for a cheap Lenovo or Huawei Tablet, those at least have “regular” Android on them and not some crap version. Maybe the Lenovo Tab 7? Comes in at about 100€ here, idk about prices in your country.

If you grab an Android device I’ll be able to get you apps for all the stuff you need, including proper pdf reader and emulators


I’m getting more and more sold on that idea. Besides, I remember now. My bestie had several Kindles (not the Fire), because something would go wrong and she’d have to send it back to Amazon. In fairness, they’d always send a replacement, on the downswing, too annoying. Guess that’s why a tablet works better for her now.


That’s what I had heard.

I know I got the first one …for sure. For World of Goo and Toki Tori

It’s a shame Humble stopped their Android bundles. I don’t have them all but I have good part of them IIRC. I have apks…Just saying… :heavy_heart_exclamation:


It’s much more convincing on the new 3DS, but yeah still a gimmick I don’t use often.


Ohh wow I never knew that was a thing, I don’t think I used humble bundle back then. Tbh I always thought many more things seem to be free on the android platform than iOS so I’ve never really had incentive to buy anything or even search for free stuff. I hardly even saw any paid apps at least of decent quality, things like angry birds that was paid on iOS was free on android with ads after all.

I’ve only bought apps for iOS and some really good ones too. Otherwise got a lot of those free app of the day things.


Check out these places. Download their app on your tablet or phone. They are apps just like Google Play Store only better programs/games in them. Btu like all apps check them out for in app purchases etc. You still have to watch out for stuff but it’s better stuff. There are more sites but this should do for now…


@delenn13 Don’t really understand the site too well. I searched Subway Surfers and came up with lots of stuff, not the game itself, so now I’m wondering how you’re supposed to use .apk links.


You download and install the app on your phone or tablet that is running android. The you click on that icon on the phone or tablet and you search through it. You find what you want. Then click to download and click again to install.

Give me a minute to search for you…LOL…

Is this the game???

EDIT: Not everything is free but between Google Play, and those other 2 sites/apps you check to see the best price etc.


Just want to add my 2 cents didn’t read all of this so if already mentioned I’m sorry. Psp dos not need to be modded there is no mod emulators for psp has been for a min. Also new 2d xl is the way to go


@delenn13 Yah! That’s it. :slight_smile: It’s a more fun runner than Temple Run - which looks super hard to play to me.


Have a look at one of these,

I bought one about a month ago.
It does retro emulation really really well and is well built.
I highly recommend if you want a retro handheld


@pulling3r Aw… that is so wee and cute! Good price on the lower. One thing - I’m pretty accident prone, so if it falls a few times…?

Watching the guy in the video the screen size is pretty cute. I’m not sure about the cards he’s talking about to load games onto it. Also, this is like a mini emulator then? Just asking.


I believe this one is the exact same in a different form factor.

I’ve heard they’re pretty decent.


Okay, I fully admit that I haven’t tried out Rhyagelle’s method of just going online through the tablet’s web browser, but if you put the apk on the SD card and download Root Browser (the tablet equivalent of Windows Explorer, which is on the Amazon app store), you can just find the apk on the SD card and install it from there. I don’t think that counts as rooting the tablet, though.

I also haven’t had any problems that @Four had, but I also haven’t tried out too many apps yet (been focusing on 3DS and Vita games). The worst I’ve had is when a game makes you sign into Google Play.

Those are called smart phones. :slight_smile:

Yeah, there are a bunch of those, and each one has people that swear by them (especially the raspberry pi), but in my opinion, you can just get those same emulators for free on your Android phone, and then you don’t have to worry about needing to bring both your phone and another device with you.


You guys are all so awesome. ^^ I’m not a techophobe, but a techno-novice, yes indeed.


This. although there are a couple better paid emulators (Nintendo DS is the specific one I’m thinking of.)
Mind you I didn’t dive TOO deep into the emulator scene. And I think the site I used to find the ROMs for them had a feud with Nintendo.