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Introvert's Antidote - Handheld game system


That’s because it’s been intentionally made obsolete with whatever iOS update came through when the iPhone 5 came out. (We’re on iPhone 10 for reference with 11 around the corner)


Any of those will do better than that knockoff. It mostly comes down to what you actually want to do with it.
If you intend to read a lot of books/comics then surely a tablet is better than a PSP.


Maybe. For the price point I’m expecting you’re looking at. Probably not. If you’re just reading PDFs I’m sure a fire tablet will work. If you want to play games on it. eh, maybe not so much.


I don’t know; it depends on the game. A lot of mobile-phone games don’t require that much power, and neither do 16-bit emulators.


Hm… just .pdfs = nope. I’d like to be able to play games too. I may have to look more into the phone with controller option. Hopefully that would give portability and flexibility. I hate reading on the phone because none of the apps work properly… they either blank out and reset me to the beginning of the doc or crash unexpectedly.

I’m thinking @Pylinaer has a point, it was probably purposely done. IPhone 11! >.< Just the other day having a 10 was a big deal. Bah. This is why I have to ask questions - can’t keep up. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


A lot of phone games are also steaming cash-grab crap piles. They don’t need a lot of power to add in crappy mtx.

As for emulators, I’m guessing it would depend on the emulator.


Whoops, sorry! I meant games.


@Pylinaer and @Imaynotbehere4long

Actually only phone game I really loved was Subway Surfers. Thanks to my phone I lost all my data - twice. Then Kiloo stopped supporting iOS 7 suddenly. You can buy stuff in game, but you don’t ever absolutely need to do it.

The other thing I played was Soul Hunters - now that game is a shameless cash grab. It’s also how I first heard of Ezio heh. It was fun, but super pay-2-win and they stopped supporting my OS a long long time ago.

Otherwise I like jigsaws or word games, but my phone can’t run Microsoft Wordament even. le sigh


I think the limiting factor is the RAM, especially for the Fire Tablets.


If you have Amazon Prime…then get a amazon tablet…because you get a lot of free stuff and special rates. If not, get android because you can read using Calibre and find lots of games free or nearly free. And Calibre will rip your epubs etc…


I have a Fire tablet, but I don’t have Amazon Prime, yet I can still get exclusive free stuff through Amazon Underground. Basically, it’s just a bunch of games on their storefront that are the same as their Google Play versions, except the purchase price and in-app purchases are all free. I’ve played a few of them, and so far, none of them have been shameless cash-grabs.

Plus, the Fire tablet uses Android OS (or at least something very close to it), so you can probably still get Calibre on it.


@delenn13, @Imaynotbehere4long

Examples of games you can get? What kind of Amazon tablet, like make and model? All this is new to me. Last thing I heard of was Kindle Fire.

Being able to read .epub would be cool too. I suppose it’d do audio books too? That’s what appealed to me with the knock-off thing: games, audio, video and text. Sounds way too good to be true though.


That’s the one I have. You should know going in that Kindle Fire doesn’t have Google Play installed by default (meaning you HAVE to use Amazon’s app store, which doesn’t have as many games), but since it’s on Android OS, there are ways of getting it on there. :wink:

As for game recommendations, there’s what I said earlier about free emulators and bluetooth controllers, though you may need something else to hold the tablet with since they tend to be a bit bigger than your average smart phone. However, if those don’t do it for you, you could always go to the Amazon Underground section of their app store and just go down the list until you see something that catches your eye (that’s how I found Ducktales Remastered). That has the added benefit of not needing an external controller (though it could definitely help in certain instances, like with Ducktales Remastered). Plus, if you keep your eye on this forum, someone will post about some Google Play game that’s free for a couple hours, and before you know it, you’ll have more games than storage space.

As for specific recommendations, the Quell trilogy is a solid puzzle series. The only micro-transactions are for things like “remove ads” and “skip level”, so you never need them for things like basic progression. There’s also an undo button for when the game inevitably misregisters one of your swipes as going in a different direction.

There’s also Ducktales Remastered if you like platformers and don’t mind using a touch controller.

And I’m sure you can find, like, a million of those.

So, literally any smart phone or tablet, then? :slight_smile:


LOL! I guess so now after all this conversation. I thought it might be neat to play KOF on the fly or foot in my case - no IRL wings. Ever trying using a Steam App? I never have because iOS 7…


Got a question for you. If I have an game in apk(which is an Android extension) form and I gave it to you, would you be able to install it without a lot of drama???


Just get a 2DS/3DS (or even a Nintendo Switch if you can find one for a good price).

Worth the price.


Yes, Android can do all of that. :slight_smile:

Also, as mentioned above, yea. The PSP mentioned is not the most ideal for reading PDFs simply due to the tiny, tiny screen, unless you can score a PSP for like…$15-20 (maybe $30 if its in perfect condition and already modded?). Its also good if you really want that comfort (PSP controls are really nice) and the ability to play native PSP games + emulators, which I was initially under the impression was the goal. Otherwise you could put that towards money towards a tablet or 2DS or something, and you’ll get what you desire at a better quality. Though a big hefty tablet might still be a bit tricky to hold to read, it’ll be better to read off of than a tiny PSP screen.


Well, in my experience with my tablet, which is not rooted, I can just get an apk + data off the internet (how I play a lot of Japanese games) and install it. No problem other than keeping it updated, but that’s specific to the issue of it being Japanese. Other applications are much simpler to download and install with apks.


Yea, I borrowed my bestie’s tablet one day when I knew waiting was gonna be a thing. It wasn’t heavy exactly, but kinda cumbersome - just for listening to my audiobook.

So yea, something I could play games on would help pass the time, and or to listen to audiobooks too / aka avoid having to talk to people. Thing with me, I tended to switch from reading to listening to gaming, etc. Attention span or just tiredness from the long wait, not sure.


PS: Yup. Don’t ask me what the rate of BDS to pounds is, heh. :stuck_out_tongue: