Insurgency was exactly what I was looking for from the coin shop.

That and One Finger Death Punch are both exactly what I was looking for from the shop. These smaller quality games that have kind of flown under the radar. I understand it’s much easier to get your hands on Poop in my Soup, but I’d rather have a longer wait for a higher quality game than just ‘meh’ too bad games back to back.

I’m not criticizing, bashing, or hating. Just giving some feedback. I’d be perfectly fine if the coin shop continued exactly as it is currently.


But that’s just it, people like different things. I have no interest whatsoever in Insurgency and I’m even sure there are people out there that were excited to see Poop in their Soup…someone at least.

I saw Bug Butcher when it was at 0% claimed but I didn’t grab it because it was a bullet hell and not my jam but it only lasted a couple hours so I guess quiet a few people like it.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! was the first game I got, I had never heard of it before but it sounded like something I might like and I have enjoyed it so far (quiet a lot to the game actually) and that was in the store for over 2 weeks.

That’s the great thing about indie titles, they cover everything and as such a lot, even most of it won’t appeal to you or me, but having diverse games available in the coin shop is definitely the best course forward because what you may think is bad someone else thinks is great!


So, that’s one vote for Insurgency,
One vote for Cook, Serve Delicious.
I’m going to choose Brigador as my #1 coin shop purchase.

Curious to know what everyone else’s favorite coin shop game has been thus far.

Ooh, perhaps we can make a poll… where’s @Punkster when you need him :grin:


You can’t build a poll with more than 20 options to choose from and there has been 28 games so far in the shop. It has neutered my poll building lust.

I found that out the hard way, back in June after E3, I went to build my first poll and spent the best part of a week building it, then I went to finalise it and got the message that you can only have a maximum of 20 options to build a poll.

I abandoned my poll/post in a childish tantrum, kicked the dog, chewed on a wasp, punched the Postman and spent the following week nursing my injuries, wallowing in self-pity. It was a stressful time, I may even have PTSD as a result.

I vote for The Bug Butcher, by the way.

I do love your desire @DanosaurJr to see a poll from me but sadly, this time, I cannot do it. I need 29 spaces overall, 28 for the games from the Coin Shop past & present and 1 for Mark of the Ninja… obviously.


Slayaway Camp is the best IMO. Hasn’t been bundled and it’s a high quality puzzle game.


…so poll is ON? :smiley:

The Bug Butcher!


actually my vote goes to one finger death punch.


I’m really referring to games like poop in my soup and state of anarchy. These games that are barely games and no one really wants them.

again, i’m OK with it if nothing changes about the shop. After all, i’ve gotten 3 free games from it.

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:joy: Obviously! Mark of the Ninja must be included as an option on every poll from here on out!


It’s in a Humble Mobile Bundle at the moment but it’s almost over :slight_smile: .
If someone sees this in the next 20 minutes you can go get the soundtrack for Human Resource Machine and the soundtrack with some other extras for Slayaway Camp for free below the listed tiers.


Yeah I knew of the mobile bundle, but that doesn’t come with a steam key so I didn’t count it.

I would get Brigador and Reigns but they’re sadly not available.

2 months later

you do get that’s the point of the Coin Shop right? limited availability
do you have any idea of how much the devs participating in the coin shop would lose out on, if their games kept being available, for free???

oh and PS, it’s not Chrono’s, the shop’s, or “game quality”'s fault if/when you miss out. You can only blame yourself for that
(also just happen to be there is evidently quite the number of people perfectly satisfied with a little poop in their soup, despite your “standards”)

PPS, i also happen to have 12k coins left, but i also happen to have “bought” a couple of games that are pretty nice. Sooo if ya aint spending yer coins, it’s nobody’s fault but your own. Plenty of good games still available in the shop. Just because you already happen to either own it, or you don’t like it, doesn’t mean the offerings a bad.
(and clearly they are all still getting claimed, so a bunch of people are still satisfied with the free offers)

-Gnome out

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