(idea) Countdown Timer for Bi-weekly game drops


I’ve been saving up all my coins, but haven’t managed to get any games yet. I noticed more games will be released every two weeks, but there’s no indication when the previous drop was so I’m left wondering what day more games will arrive.

A countdown timer would be nice so I know what time to be online and spend my coins :slight_smile:
Thanks for reading and thanks for all the deals you have given me the past year.


Yeah good idea here =)

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The site owner said it’s to give them flexibility as to when the games will be released, if so I kinda don’t see the point of stating the 20.160 minutes in the shop… (stating “every couple of weeks” would be vague enough to work atm, but not a conversion of 2 weeks into minutes)

A problem that this may bring would be that people flock the site once the timer is at or is reaching 0, potentially leading to major lagg or the site crashing as a result, also the games might go within a smaller window of time.


Agree, although just my guess, maybe I understand the reasons why admin don’t want to show it.

  1. Make us check the site more often.
  2. In case they can’t contact a publisher in time, they still can change planned game to other games without affecting their reputation.
  3. Like @Madway mentioned, avoiding us “ddos” the site when the clock counts to 0 :grin:

@Madway , @m0n0

Yeah, those are some good points. Thanks for commenting!


One day when we’ve got the system in a good rhythm we’ll most likely add a timer (or change up how we add games to the shop completely where it’s not necessary). Right now, like was already mentioned, we need a little bit of flexibility on when we add games, plus it adds a little tension and mystery to the process. :wink:

As for the exact minutes thing, that’s just us being cheeky.


Thank you kindly for the response! Keep up the wonderful work with the site.

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