Iconic Gaming Characters

Hey everyone, i recently beat Red Dead Redemption 2 and i got an idea for a chat on here. What are your most favourite gaming characters?

I’m not gonna number mine as i would have to put way more time into it.

Arthur Morgan (Red Dead Redemption II)
John Marston (Red Dead Redemption I and II)
Nathan Drake (Uncharted Franchise)
Sully (Uncharted Franchise)
Nick Mendoza (Battlefield Hardline)
Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)
Pac Man (Pac Man)
Samus Aran (Metroid franchise)
Alduin (Skyrim)
Geralt Of Rivia (Witcher franchise)
Triss Merigold (Witcher franchise)
Kara, Marcus, and Connor (Detroit Become Human)
Marlow, Sarge, Sweetwater, Hagard (Bad Compnay 1/2)
Kyle Crane (Dying Light)
Peter Parker (Spiderman PS4)

Well I named quite a few of my favs, but I want to know which ones are your favourite. My list could go on but I think I need to save some for everyone else.


Honey Badger from CoD modern warfare 2
i made it from LEGO let me just have a look maybe i still have it around
no i cant find it :frowning: maybe it has been disassembled


I’m gonna need some time for this list.


I’m going to say something none of you will ever guess:

Guybrush Threepwood.



Just looked him up. There’s actually an easter egg for him in Uncharted 4


That character is definitely from the Tom & Jerry game. NO DOUBT.


My favorite characters are

Chell (Portal, Portal 2)
Wheatley (Portal 2)
Glados (Portal, Portal 2)
Rat Man (Portal, Portal 2)
Companion Cube (Portal, Portal 2)
Turret (Portal 2)
Defective Turret (Portal 2)
Cave Johnson (Portal 2)
Atlas (Portal 2)
P-Body (Portal 2)

I feel like this list really represents the massive amount of games I play :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Right Paddle (Pong)


The ones that made enough of an impact for me to remember them:

Handsome Jack (Borderlands 2, Borderlands PreSequel and Tales from the Borderlands)
Sir Hammerlock (Borderlands 2)
Scooter (Borderlands, Borderlands 2, Borderlands PreSequel and Tales from the Borderlands)
Joey Mallone (Blackwell Series)
Bobbin Threadbare (LOOM)
Neil Watts (To the Moon)
McQueen and Dooley (The Darkside Detective)
Michael (Dead Synchronicity)


In no particular order, here’s my personal favorite list. I probably forgot a few, but the fact that I could have probably means they weren’t as big. I will say that Gears, Sleeping Dogs, and the Remedy characters (along with Jetstream Sam) were basically the first characters that came to mind.

  • Wei Shen (Sleeping Dogs)
  • Alan Wake, Max Payne
  • Jack Joyce, Beth Wilder, Paul Serene (Quantum Break)
  • Manny Calavera, Domino, Glöttis, Salvador Limones (Grim Fandango)
  • Razputin and all other “main” characters (Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin)
  • Revolver Ocelot, Volgin, Jetstream Sam (Metal Gear Solid 1-4 and Revengeance)
  • The entire Vermintide team (minus that stupid elf)
  • Samus (Metroid Prime in specific)
  • Dante and Nero (Devil May Cry 3-5)
  • Adam Jensen (Deus Ex)

These next ones are something you all probably saw coming from a mile away, but…
Pretty much everyone from Gears of War 3, but especially Marcus, Dom, Baird, Anya, and Cole

  • War, Death, War’s Watcher (Darksiders franchise)
  • Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Wesker (Resident Evil Franchise)

Doomguy; obviously
the profound audience interaction, character development and emotion love and struggle he faces all over a bunny is truly stunning

Claptrap, Borderlands Franchise; -same reasons as above, minus the bunny(i think)

Alma, F.E.A.R. -despite her goth phase, she appears like she’d be a cool sister to have

i’ve probably got a ton more, but i’m way too exhausted at this late hour to think :sleepy:


Knuckles (from the Knuckles series feat. Knuckles & Knuckles)

  • Mario from Super Mario Bros.
  • Link from from The Legend of Zelda
  • Zelda from from The Legend of Zelda
  • Pikachu from Pokemon
  • Donkey Kong from Donkey Kong
  • Spyro from Spyro the Dragon
  • Sora from Kingdom Hearts
  • Cloud from Final Fantasy VII (its gotta be said…)
  • Warrior of Light from Final Fantasy
  • Tidus from Final Fantasy X
  • Terra Branford from Final Fantasy VI / III
  • Courier from Fallout: New Vegas
  • Randi from Secret of Mana
  • Crono from Chrono Trigger
  • Dragonborn from The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
  • Sub-zero from Mortal Kombat
  • Scoprion from Mortal Kombat
  • Ryu from Street Fighter
  • Blanka from Street Fighter
  • Chun-Li from Street Fighter
  • Kirby from the Kirby series

(list updating (tablet posted before I was ready -sigh-))


I will only add characters that haven’t been mentioned yet. Again in no particular order:

  • My Ork Captains from Middle Earth: Shadow of…
  • Brick from Borderlands 2
  • Tiny Tina from Borderlands 2
  • Col. John Konrad from Spec Ops.
  • Andrew Ryan from Bioshock
  • The doom-lady from Tormentor X Punisher (the elegance is in the simplicity of the character)
  • The narrator from The Stanley parable, also the different narrator in Bastion.
  • Alex Mercer from Prototype (and Prototype 2)
  • The Slimes from Slime rancher. ALL of them, don’t make me pick one.
  • The DOS prompt from The Talos Principal
  • Gorgutz 'Ead 'Unter, from everything they ever put him in.
  • The entire Burbus race, from Crashlands.
  • Voltar the omniscient from Awesomenauts (just very effective character design)
  • Probably the whole party in Eon Altar.
  • Dog from Fallout new Vegas (and his alter ego as well).

I really like characters who challenged me in some way, especially ideologically.


Bubsy from the masterpiece bubsy 3D!


Commander Shepard (Male or Female)
Tali’Zorah vas Normandy
Garrus Vakarian
Mordin Solus
(The rest of the Mass Effect characters)
Booker DeWitt
Max Caulfield
Chloe Price
Artyom (from the Metro games/novels)
Lara Croft
Call of Duty Soldier
Dallas, Bain and the rest of the PAYDAY gang.
Rico Rodriguez
Trevor Phillips
Gordon Freeman
The G-Man

Honestly if I keep naming characters I’ll probably be here all day.


Handsome Jack = Borderlands 2 (already mentioned but Jack would appreciate the love)
Joel = Last of Us
Baiken = Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator (how do you beat pure sexappeal and coolness)
Cairne Bloodhoof and Maiev Shadowsong = Warcraft 3 (Cairne is basically all i aspire to be. Calm, stoic and nature loving)
Clementine and Kenny = The Walking Dead
Goofy = Kingdom Hearts (cheating but i ironically love how he tonally destroys every dramatic cutscene he’s in :laughing:)
Max = Max, an Autistic Journey (never have i felt more connected to… i mean, just about any character in fiction)
Fang and Dudley = Street Fighter V
Wario = Mario
Paul Phoenix = Tekken (the best fighter in the universe!)

Did anybody here see Blizzcon? What a mess that was. Both in announcements and eventual controversies to said news. well, i’m at least satisfied with the reveal of Warcraft 3 Reforged :heart_eyes:


nope, can you TLDR me? i know they asset flip d3 for mobile, but other than that i know nothing, also what controversies?


Mostly just Diablo “is this an April fools joke” Immortal. There’s also a Warcraft 3 remaster and a new character for Pala-- um, Overwatch.


The New hero for Overwatch, people found it aggravating that she wasn’t dark skinned.

The New hero for Heroes of the Storm wasn’t from a previously established Blizzard universe but instead created purely for and from the Heroes of the Storm universe.

Fans seemed for the most part to be happy to see Warcraft 3 was getting a pseudo remaster.

Hearthstone got another expansion. (whoa)

And Diablo got Diablo Immortal. A mobile game. :scream: Other than the “April fools joke”, there also was the massive misstep, that one asian developer made. Fan goes up to the mic and asks ‘Do you plan on bringing it to pc?’ the guy on stage effectively says no, the audience of course boo’s him, he then gets defensive and says ‘Do you guys not have phones? Yeah, you guys have phones right?’

Can’t say i feel the same hatred for this whole situation as almost everybody else seems to have. :neutral_face: