I should probably stop buying bundles... Oh well! 2 more for you 🎁 (closed)

sigh… done did buy another bundle… again :rolling_eyes:… couple of games/keys already owned leftover
2 spares this time, we are talking Enclave http://store.steampowered.com/app/253980/Enclave/
and Two Worlds II: Velvet Edition http://store.steampowered.com/app/7520/Two_Worlds_II/
let me know if either strikes ya fancy in a “yes i actually want to play that”-kinda way :hugging:


Enclave please thanks. If nobody claim the 2nd game hit me up possibly will try out

Two worlds please

Kinda weird the title being Two Worlds 2

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damn, stuff going speedy out the doors like hotcakes! alrighty, done

Keep up to the @Gnuffi speed! :alarm_clock: like always I just wanna say thank you and luck finding the best deals ever

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well, that’s likely because first there was a(1) world, then there was Two Worlds 1, and later somehow went on to go further and become Two Worlds doubled up to 2. or something… or the marketing department was just on crack that day

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Haha I know that feel of buying too many bundles xp