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I loved the tutorial -- especially the completion surprise


I just wanted to thank the team for all the work they put into the tutorial. I actually had a good time going through it and I had this huge smile on my face when the :gift: was revealed – it’s one of my favorite things in the world, and for a second I really thought you guys were working for Google or something and looking through my browsing history. :thinking:

Tutorials can make or break experiences for newcomers. In this case, it did even more than it was set out to do.

Here’s a thank you gif:

giphy (2)

PS: Any way we can make the :gift: unlock again? It would bring me great joy. :butterfly:


Can we turn this into ‘animals eating things’ thread?


I can dig that. :grapes:




Beat you to it @Enki :smile:



I think this makes me the winner.



Although @Kalotan’s video certainly makes for a winner, I refuse to just let the thread end there.

So here are tortoises munching on tiny pancakes:




@DanosaurJr Rude!

@coralinecastell Welcome, fellow amazonian hooman friend. :brazil:


Why do people keep reminding me that capybaras are a thing? God I hate seeing it, I want one so bad.:upside_down_face:

Have some dog, this one always makes me happy.


Thank you, @Enki! Here’s another one of our fellow jungle roodent friendos having a hearty meal:

@Truly I want one so bad as well! Omg. Capybaras are the best animals ever. Here’s a cute blog for you to check out: Capybara Madness. It’s great! Also, thank you for the lovely video. :yellow_heart:



y’all know that saying “bite of more than can chew”?
Turtle power!

also, PS, chips are yummy for all species


Fun facts:

  1. I own both a doggo and a tortoise myself.
  2. My tortoise is called “Compadre Bolota” – I believe only @Enki will fully appreciate this.
  3. I love both those videos you sent me, and had already watched them a few times each. I hate that:
    a) nobody has the generosity to cut delicious strawberry for turtlish fella
    b) poor mr. crab drops a tiny piece of his chip at 2:03 and it breaks my poor heart that he can’t pick it back up.




I’ve lived around pet tortoises too, my mother owned a female one and it was called “Menininha” :rofl:. She loved papaya! And my grandmother had a male that didn’t have a name, poor fella. He was always trying to bit my toe!

It was a surprise when Menininha layed eggs even thought she never have been in contact with another tortoise. Unfortunatelly some of the babies managed to escape before we even found out that she had layed eggs, sneaky! The rest was safely taken care of and lived in my aunt’s house. :turtle:

Now we have three doggos. hehe




Another cute critter having a feast.


Since this is the internet I observed with great concern that cats are underrepresented in this thread.
And because you love pancakes here is a gif of my favourite animal (sorry Enki, sloths are cool too!) eating your favourite food:

edit: props to the crab for masterfully handling such delicate stuff. Didn’t know they can be so gentle :smiley:


I’m gonna put this here because it kind of fits in but today i saw a gif of an orca whale “birding” with a fish as the bait. super smart but I warn you that it may be disturbing to those who are bit sensitive (nothing gory i promise, but thought I shouldn’t post directly)