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I loved the tutorial -- especially the completion surprise


been browsing for animals all day to make this friday better
today twitter did not disappoint, “feast” your eyes on this

(damn, discourse wont display twitter vids proper i guess) :confused:


Oh my flip what a majestic twitter account. I shall browse it for hours on end and succumb to the wonders of



awesome, thanks for sharing!

my favourite so far (even if they are not that round):


oh god…

I paused the gif…


(Starts at the relevant part.)






if you like those fluffy round bouncers, you might also like stuff like

i always skim through them to take the top off a grey or rainy day, where/when full blown binge-watching animal vids on YT isn’t an option :blush:


I found it, thanks. something you said to me once suddenly makes sense now.






it’s been much too long since the last animal ate in this post
"introducing the brand new gerbil hoover!"

hoovering efficiency limited to snackables or “bite size”

(courtesy of


I don’t remember, what was the completion surprise?


look at it smile!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:




a capybara :smiley:

(aka my favorite animal ever ever)


Not sure if I should post this here or in the memes thread. I’ll put it here due to the recent hedgehog theme.

Memes, Memes Everywhere

lol i was just about to (re)add that one right here now! :joy:
-i’ll post another elsewhere then :smile:


something for our capybara girl(/aka @coralinecastell),
if you’ve ever sat one Tuesday afternoon an thought to yourself, "i wonder if capybaras eat watermelon, and if so, how long would it take them to eat one?"
wonder no more! the magic of youtube gives you, sorta, the answer to the riddle old as time. And scientists can now extrapolate, things :thinking:, away from that! :blush: :smile: