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I hit an important milestone today




Well done


Despite a not very interesting number, I am just at 1.5x your total today. What a hemi-coincidence. :smiley:


Congrats. This makes me realize all the missed opportunities I’ve had.

Currently at 620 and I can’t see anything worth mentioning from here.


way to go guys, does everything have to be a competition with u? OMG, like grow up, will u?




I know I’m gonna lose, but I still had to



New Leader!




I’ll share that spot thx
I’ve kept quiet about it but I’ve actually missed quite a few days. So I’m sure someone else is at the top.


If memory serves me right, @Gnuffi and I were tied and @DownwardConcept held the record and maybe one more. I can’t remember.

I know I have missed 2 days since the start of the coin store.

The first day it opened and one day when I was camping(wifi was down because of bad storm).



My reaction when my dumb meme thread turns into a dick-measuring contest:



Honestly more than I thought I had. Thats almost two years of spins…


Feelsbad am I that forgettable? jk :sweat_smile: I’m sure there was someone else too.
I wonder if he still has a complete streak.