I have received an Insurgency code even though I did not buy the game

I have also been charged 6000 chrono coins.
It’s not a big deal, really. I just wanted to save up for games that I don’t have already.

Can you please confirm that I (or someone else from my account) actually clicked “buy” on the game and that it wasn’t just some kind of error?

Thank you!


I have a pretty smart dog ​​that collects socks for me. By any chance, do you have a dog that uses mouse and keyboard?


I found out the other day that on an ipad you can make youtube full screen and back again by pinching your fingers on the video.

Discovered it because my cat walked on it and activated the full screen with his paws some how, so embarrassing :blush:


iLoup, what happened to you was NOT some random accident from you clicking the button.

The same thing that happened to you, happened to me yesterday. I did NOTbuy Insurgency, I never clicked on the screen by accident, I had not even visited the shop, or Chrono.gg that day except to view what the daily deal was. Yet, I received an email stating that 6000 of my coins had been charged for a copy of Insurgency (which happens to be a game I already own…) Hopefully, support can get back to us on this issue. I’m still trying to figure out how to contact them correctly.


sending an email to help@chrono.gg seem to be way to do it

@iLoup @1010011010
What did you guys do with the unwanted key?

this —>

(sry, couldn’t resist) :joy_cat:

Do nothing with it.
Best bet is to hope chrono.gg can invalidate the key before it’s used by the person who obtained access to your account.

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An hour ago

Insurgency and
Crown Champion: Legends of the Arena
got brought with my account.

It certanly wasnt me. I just came back from work.

So this is a bug or chrono.gg has some security issues.


changeing password right now.

alright, must admit, the foil hat is starting to get slightly uncomfortable and i’m beginning to get mildly paranoid now

i would be mighty interested in hearing from Chrono/@lonin/@dusty/@frst on this if there is an actual breach or something going on.
Do i need to scurry to withdraw my savings, and cash in the 401k pension before there is nothing left in the bank? :fearful:



I have recived an Insurgenct copy too, -6000 coins and i already have the game :s

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I too have been forced into buying insurgency, about five hours ago

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Even though you use the same account for the community and for the site itself, it doesn’t register as “joining” the community until you first post, I guess.

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yep (or at least directly sign in to/sign up for the forum part, regardless of posting)

tho the influx in “just created” acc’s does make it appear more conspicuous tho you must admit,
but Xardok was created in July, (even tho first post), hence why my paranoia levels got elevated
but the skepticism of tons of fresh insta created acc’s can make one slightly suspicious in the sort of “is these all the same dude?”
i’m not saying it is, but sadly i’m too cynical to dismiss the potential possibility of it too…

But it’s convenient to make your debut when it’s about getting 6000 coins “back”

If this issue gets resolved, it will be by refunding everyone who bought insurgency, not by pressing the “give 6000 coins to everyone in this thread” button. I’m here to help give a scale to the issue, and to see how it resolves. There is absolutely no way that posting in this thread would allow someone who isn’t affected to get free coins.

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I look at the account creation too, it would just be more believable coming from someone who has been in the community before. Every time it was someone with multiple accounts complaining they couldn’t get games, their account had just been created and we never saw them again. Usually people complaining about the quality of the games in the coin shop have brand new accounts too.

That being said I think this one might be real, enough so that I checked my order history to make sure there was nothing there that shouldn’t be.


That’s not what I’m saying. It is the whole “give scale to the issue” I’m sceptical about.