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I got my Anniversary badge! One year with all of you awesome people =D


Thanks everyone for an awesome year with all of you. It’s been great! :smile: I don’t really like to show off my badges, but this is a pretty special one to me. Being a member for a year is pretty awesome. Looking forward to another awesome year with all of you! :smile:


Happy Anniversary. …And many Mooooooooooooore.:scream:


Aww thanks!


Aw! Happy cake day haha :cake:

So happy you’re part of our little community. (:


Aww thanks so much!


Congrats, @Koroth :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

Looking forward to another year of fun and excitement. :fireworks::sparkler::sparkles::balloon::tada::ribbon::gift::boom::dizzy::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Happy anniversary!

Enjoy this cake :cake:


I actually got it yesterday, but same deal. Thanks @delenn13 and @Buzzyboii!


@Koroth belated petting Good going! ^^ :sunny:


Congrats @Koroth! Keep on keeping on! :+1: :clap:


It’s so crazy to think how long we’ve all been here now. Like Maoski and I joined about the same time, and I still feel as though I am a relative newcomer to some people here like Gnuffi, Delenn, and PeteMcc.

Congrats on the year, and hope to see you for another!


I joined around the same time as you guys as well! Remember @YQMaoski and I both getting the “user of the month” award for December 2017.

Feels like yesterday! Time flies with you guys haha :blush:


There does seem to have been an influx of us regulars the last few months of 2017.

It really has flown by, I now generally consider a lot of you as actual friends (whom I never have time to hang out with) just since we’ve all had such long consistent talks with one another.


Thanks so much everyone! @coralinecastell I remember getting my user of the month and it was pretty cool. And now I’ve been here for a whole year. Crazy how it’s been already a year. Certainly hasn’t felt like it.

When did this site actually come to fruition? I never even heard of the site before until GDQ mentioned it. And I’m so glad I heard about it when I did. It’s been a blast meeting all of you and there’s still so many more of you to meet and get to know. You are all awesome! Thanks again everyone! :grin:


You just HAD to bring up that unattainable badge I will never have, didn’t ya? :exploding_head:

Yes, it is. :hugs:


gz :clap:



Congratz :tada::balloon::fireworks::confetti_ball:


It’s okay Delenn I feel you there.


Congrats, devotee next? :stuck_out_tongue:

Early 2016 judging by the time the staff joined. But I don’t believe it was public until march.
Some of the staff could probably correct me on that.


The first daily deal offered was Broforce on the 7th of March, so I think that could be considered the launch. Unless there was a prior launch event held that didn’t get logged.