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I got my Anniversary badge! One year with all of you awesome people =D


I got notification of my first year as well. Glad to be apart of a great community!


Well I did get aficionado not too long ago so that was pretty nice. And yes devotee would be great. I obviously must have missed some days. I check the site practically every day ever since I joined, although, I do remember missing a few days, but not many. I wonder if I have to refresh the page every time in order for it to count or have to log in every time. If that’s the case then I missed a lot of days because usually I just pull up the site and that’s about it. Having to log in every day would get very annoying. Wonder what qualifies as “visiting” the site because I would very much like to obtain devotee status.

I can’t believe it was 2016 for the site to exist. I clearly was late to the party, but I’m here now. :smile:


I seriously did not expect this many people to congratulate me. It feels pretty awesome. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate it. I feel so loved. :heart: :grin:


Congrats to you too, @Arcsurvivor :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

AWWWW! You are welcome. :hugs:


Congrats to your first year as well @Arcsurvivor!

Sweet. Just got my Regular badge now too. Awesome.


How to become a “Regular”(level 3)… This is, also, a badge you can lose if you don’t continue the tasks.


Congratulations on your Anniversary badge! Sorry I was late for this!


Way to rain on my parade @delenn13. JK. But seriously I forgot about losing status. Ugh…



Don’t worry about it, if you are sticking around on a regular basis, you get to keep it. And if you lose it, you can always earn it back.


It is nice that you can get it back, but it probably has to take another 100 days to get it back once you lose it, at least according to this.

I would provide the link from @delenn13 provided as to do a proper quote, but I’m not sure how to quote a link besides going into the links url and copying that. That would be redundant though.

Anyways, I have been much more active than I was previously, so for now I shouldn’t have a problem.

@delenn13 nice pic.


The linking has its own problems, because the profile icon that shows up in the link is the original post #1 for the thread, and not necessarily the person actually discussing. So I usually just take a screenshot:

From how I read it, you can get it back in less than 100 days, if you are active for a while, become less active, and then lose your status, but then be active again and gain it back.

(Theoretically you should be able to get it in 50-51 days by these rules.)

49-50 days inactive, then 50-51 days of activity while meeting the other criteria.


I think u can get it back in 1 day

if u suddenly dropped to 49% of days visited, u can get that back up to 50% by visiting 1 day

all other conditions are also achievable in 1 day, just by being a bit active

ofc that would mean that u visit the exact day u lost it and thus immediately gain it back (and it excludes being flagged or suspended, which will take up to 101 days to get rid off)


The full irony of this post cannot be understated; I actually lost my Regular badge for a lack of activity.

Yes, I’m still alive… I think.

Also, the crooked Q in the screenshot brings me a strange satisfaction, knowing it will never look correct on a picture.


@YQMaoski That is definitely some useful information I needed and half the amount of days to get it back is quite nice and makes a bit more sense since waiting another 100 days is quite a bit longer. 50 days or so really isn’t that bad even if it’s theoretically. I wonder if there is a definitive time frame that is needed to get Regular status back. I wonder if anyone can confirm this.

@M00 I had no idea that you could get Regular status back in a day. That’s crazy! In a way though it makes sense since if you’re just barely off of making the requirements then I can see why it’s possible.

@CptMold The irony is very strong here. It’s pretty funny actually.


I lost mine too for a period. Just wasn’t active for a long while and so I got booted from the tag by the system. Earned it back after a few weeks though.


great for you