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I, for one, welcome our new pig overlords



pig is love, pig is life

Oink :bowing_man:



ahahhaahha :rofl: ah my sides, the childhood nostalgia is stronk :rofl:


I really like this website and their quizzes are the funniest things so enjoy, everyone:


is that particular one like that Babel Tower of pigs?
can someone translate, because even google doesn’t seem to speak this Oink dialect o.O


I thought you’d easily get it, gnuffs! It’s a weird mix of German and early modern English, me thinks.

Title says

A hungry pig ate all the bibles in our village last night. Can you write a new bible for us, please well educated sir?

Description says

Afff! In the night, a starving pig ate all the bibles throughout the village. Please, good sir, you must write a new bible for all of us poor souls who have got no education other than the (?)

I’m getting the ? is something like pig-related knowledge and scotch?

Wise words from the quizz:

Ez new verso en mo Bibler, Thar Bookler Ov Randie, Chapner fivner, Verso twelven: “Blessner ez thar h’ongry Hogge en thatt es öll. Sencerelie, Randie, Thar Scribno whome hav haff writt thess Bibler downe hereopon."

It's the new verse in my Bible, The Book of Randie, Chapter five, verse twelve: "Blessed is the hungry pig and that is all. Sincerely, Randie, the scribe that has written this Bible down hereupon."



well, i caught a whiff of what smelled a bit like swedish to me too
but i think that’s the problem for me, my brain gets scrambled when i need to concentrate/understand more than …:point_up:.,:v::vulcan_salute:this many, "stuffz"
so i look at “5 words” and go, “okay that’s obviously that” *sees next word, doens’t match, engage decode compute squishy matter, result pending, success, on to next; same as first. return to previous -wait what was that, i forgot… :face_with_head_bandage:







This thread has put a mighty big smile on my face. Thanks for the delightful pig pictures, meme’s and whatnot folks :grin: