Hunie Sakura Games giveaway (Done!)

So that’s pretty much it, keys have been delivered, thanks for the ones who enter it, until next time.

Got these games from a Humble Bundle, write a relevant haiku of the one you want, use a pun for bonus points.
I’m not too picky about the structure of the haiku, but the closer you are to its guidelines the better.

Rule of honor, only ask if you don’t have them and really want them.
Limited to one per person.
I’ll check in 24h from this post time, the ones that the community or my random aleatory process likes the most will get the prize.
Have fun.

¹ I don’t know what to do with these ones, I want to give them together but is kinda unfair for someone who only wants the 2nd one; so write a haiku for each in the same post if you want the pair, but if somebody asks for the other you’ll just get the first one. This rule is open for discussion and may change in the near future.

² I only have a key for this one but can’t say if it works or not(I’m pretty sure it does thou), you can ask for this one thogeter with another, you’ll get it if somebody else doesn’t ask just for this one.


Humanity falls
Fighting in this putrid swamp
it eats my clothes!

I would like Sakura Fantasy, please. I have no idea how you expect to do haikus with puns in them. I can’t do that. Haiku has a few more guide lines than simply syllable structure, I tried my best to follow those. You judge if I managed or not. Will think on it over the day and if I come up with something better I’ll post that as well.

I do enjoy a giveaway with a bit of a creative component to it. Far more amusing than the more plain beggar train threads.
Thank you.


I don’t want to enter, but props to you for using this word…I’ve just learnt something! Although I agree with Fraggles…the pun thing in a haiku makes this incredibly challenging!

I very much want Sakura Santa.

That’s not a haiku (or even a pun…)

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Apologies for ignoring guideline (I am tired), so here is a haiku. Ahem…
Family I shame
With Sakura Santa play
It’s snowing on Mt. Fuji
(It’s better because it’s a haiku AND a reference)


No interest in games
Just want to write a haiku
My work here is done


these titillating games
carry too much embarrassment
for me to enter

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Wait are these the games that Humble Bundle described as “everyday we stray further from God”?

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Its everyday objects,
Like Autumn orange color leaves,
sit flat on the grounds.
…Any Beach one is good, Sandy.


Yo, checking in.

I’m not expecting anything clever, just a little play on words if anything, but I won’t be too picky about them if it doesn’t happen, I’ll edit that to be a bit more lenient. You are welcome to change your entry anytime until the deadline

@xist Thanks, I guess? I’m not sure if a joke or not :thinking:

@Narrows I was actually thinking what I should do if somebody came up with that line :smile:

@DanosaurJr Thanks for your interest… or lack thereof :bowing_man:

@SSepiroth I’ll take that as an anonymous submission. :grinning:

@Madway I couldn’t tell you, but if these make you think that you haven’t seen anything at all. :expressionless:

@persistnt I’ll give you one if you get it.

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Match-3 matchmaking?
PuzzleQuest has been dethroned…
so make love not war!

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Anime tiddies
I want to fantaSEE them
I’m very alone

I’d like Sakura Fantasy I guess but anything is all g


Have oatmeal with milk
I like mine just with water
Or with a haiku

Did I do it? :smiley: That is my first haiku and it’s actually pretty fun, thanks for creating this giveaway! I would really like to try HuniePop!

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Oh Ive seen a lot :wink:

Just find it funny that Humble would do that.

One Sad Burger please
With a side of Disappoint
Hunie Pop will do

Humble Sakura
Come for plot, stay for the game
Bet you’ll be the same.

Not gonna enter, just join for fun, but honestly the game in highest tier, Sakura Dungeon, ignore the fact that there are fan service stuffs here and there, is a pretty good dungeon crawler game, I enjoyed it quite a lot.

No joke. Aleatory is now added to my mental dictionary! :stuck_out_tongue:

I uhh… I ummm, well, you see- i uh already h-, um. how do I put his.


already have them.

their swimsuits are tight
what is happening down here
my shorts became tight :smiley:

Sakura Swim Club for me