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Humble RPG Bundle


Tier 1 is a great deal.

BTA tier is really low right now, so a pretty good deal too! (Looks like people are keeping up with tier 1 purchases, the BTA price keeps dropping. EDIT: $4.10 right now)

Tier 3 is basically if you really want it.

Overall a really solid bundle.


you think I could request the removal of Boderlands GOTY from my account (censored) and replace it without issues with this uncensored version? or is it a seperate entry anyway?


I got tier 2 for 4.15, which is insane value. Just Tyranny alone would be an insane deal for that price in my book.


The GOTY and GOTY Enhanced seem to be different, have different App IDs. (Though I never purchased Enhanced and I have it for some reason.)

Yeah, been thinking of getting Tyranny for a while, and this bundle happens… :smiley: (By the way, the BTA is a fraction lower still…)


yeah, i saw it at 4.12 i think, but it’s my first time buying a bundle like this and dont know if it insta-updates the average from other purchases while you’re purchasing or whatever so added a few cents just to be safe, lol


So the way to tackle BTA tiers to achieve the best price usually works like this:

  1. Open 3 tabs of the bundle.
  2. Refresh the highest one.
  3. If this drops below the others, go to the highest and refresh.
  4. Make your purchase when you are satisfied with the result.
  5. I open 3 just in case a friend hasn’t been able to open up a window in time for the lower prices.

This is what we sometimes refer to as a price-lock

As long as you have that window open at that price, you will get your BTA tier at that price. (Doesn’t matter if the average goes up by $2 in the meantime.)<–Granted that you don’t refresh your low-price window/tab.

When you type in your custom price at the bottom, it’s based on the numbers displayed on your screen. You will see if you only get Tier 1, or BTA tier, because when you customize your amount, Humble will remind you to add so much and so much more to get the higher tier contents. (Useful to pay attention because of occasionally I have typed in the BTA average and you need to be $0.01 higher than that to unlock the BTA tier.

At least whether you get it now at a slightly lower price or at your actual purchase price, the deal is fantastic, and so there’s not much reason to be discontent in any way.

But now you know… :wink:

My experience tells me that the initial shift is very dynamic after the bundle is made available, because each purchase can influence the BTA price more dramatically. After a few thousand bundles have been sold, it more or less slowly creeps up, as the BTA price is $0.01 higher than the average.


thx dude, great tip, will do that next time


:clap: :+1:


This is so tempting… must …resist…spending…money.

But really grab that Tier 2 ! Tyranny is just amazing classical cRPG , Pillars has been on my wishlist for years now and Deep Sky Derelicts also looking very interesting.

Overall a really solid bundle.

@YQMaoski I’d say one of the better bundles in years.


Hey @DontBeSilly, I sent you over a message on Steam, just get back to me whenever you can. :smiley:


Yesssssssss. :relaxed:

Pillars of Eternity AND Tyranny for $4. I honestly…well that’s $4 well spent. I really loved Pillars when I played it via my brother’s PC, now I can enjoy it at my leisure! xD

Now I just need to pick up an extra copy of Cat Quest for my sister or for myself, and I’m golden! Good bundle altogether. This is the stuff they should be doing.

Yea, I’m looking for an extra copy of Cat Quest. If anyone is interested in a trade, please lemme know. I have extra copies of Deep Sky Derelicts and HIVESWAP: Act 1, plus whatever is on the coin store (I have 54k coins). :slight_smile:


This is indeed a very solid bundle, except I feel like they have some sort of running joke going for the top tiers. I find myself now in that position where I wish I hadn’t bought Tyranny and Pillars at a still pretty decent discount earlier, I’d have been all over tier 2.

I’ll still pick up tier 1 for Deep sky derelicts.


Will definitely be going for that T2!

Thanks so much for the head’s up been wanting Tyranny forever, for one! :blush:

PS: Is anyone interested in Hiveswap? I already own it and quite enjoyed it. I will likely buy the bundle tomorrow (:

Edit: Nevermind just bought it while on the bus. Anyone interested in hiveswap please let me know. I’ll be happy to hand it over to anyone who actually intends to play it at some point! :yellow_heart:


There’s a :key: in your PM inbox. :smiley:


Got back to ya :wink:


Awesome deal, instantly bought T2.
Now I have to finish the games I’m playing…


Thank you! Just sent back a reply. :blush:


Thanks, @YQMaoski. I got 2nd tier yesterday for $4.03 because of this thread. It turned out to be 5.56CA but oh well. Was so busy yesterday didn’t have time to do anything but read around here…But I got it…thanks for the heads up :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

Edited: Forgot to say…If you get the 2nd tier, Pillars has a free DLC…


you guys are the greatest – thanks for drawing our attention to HB’s latest great deal! I’ve been spamming Reventure and No Man’s Sky for the past week, but I might still pick up this just to support the quality.


Oh alright, free DLC! :slight_smile: