Humble Daedalic 2018 Bundle is there this week

Hey Chronies, Humble has got a decent bundle this time around, for sure! Been eyeing a few of them myself for a while. :slight_smile:

I guess I will think about this one, but I might just get the full bundle anyway, so timing will not be that sensitive for me.


Might want to mention this too…If you scroll to the bottom:

"FREE Humble exclusive for Warframe! (PC only)

Warframe is a cooperative, free-to-play online action game set in an evolving sci-fi world. Get these Humble exclusives for free:
Foxglove Syandana cosmetic item
200,000 Credits (in-game currency)
3-Day Affinity + Resource Boosters"


i used my leet masta gnome skills backdoor blackmailed connection, and got tier 2 for less than 4.5€ :blush:
-that pleases me tremendously, because i’ve been eyeing a couple of those games for a while (deponia doomsday for 1), but was banking on it getting bundled for a decent price so i didn’t have to pay the 4-5bucks “single”
and here i got a bunch of other nice ones (already had the 3 first deponia games, but the complete version i’d still like too for some reason lol)

the “unfortunate” thing about this bundle is ofc the “repeats”; and the past Humble monthly chunk that’s in there too, so some will undoubtedly get some spares with t2/t3 especially…

but still srs nice selection if having missed out on other daedelic bundles, glad to get Anna’s quest here in this pack with my other stuff

yup, this caught me by surprise, apparently you get it “in the purchase” too, even if not signing up, atleast in my bundle page i got a “Warframe Free Promo Key” too along with the daedelic games
-gave mine to @Madway because i know Madz played warframe (don’t know if can use more than one tho)

but looks like you don’t even have to purchase either, just “sign up” for the mail


Wow! I posted right after I remembered that it was Tuesday and the bundle was already live for over an hour. Unfortunately it’s been only climbing… At the current price, there’s little reason for me to go for Tier 2 over Tier 3… Since I have been eyeballing Shadow Tactics for quite some time…


yea, it was quite hilarious actually this round, i saw it on between 6-7 i think, and thought it might be a “pass” price for me then given the other bundles… refreshed twice, and saw it drop like a bomb in the blink of an eye, and just jumped immediately -didn’t wanna risk losing it
sure enough after the payment was processed, back up on 6 again :smile:


Even if people don’t get tier 2 or 3, the first tier is quite good… can’t really beat these four games together for a dollar…


didn’t you get that in the Humble monthly few months back? :thinking: (or not signed up yet then?)

yup, would have gotten that regardless, was just doomsday i wanted in t2,
but i guess Witch It might be neat too to have in the back of the hand one day, past early access :man_shrugging: :smile:


That… No big deal though… Since I will get it here now.

Since I am doing Tier 3, I will wait for closer to the end of the bundle, I don’t want to contribute to the tier-2 price-spike for other Chronies…

You don’t play anything in early access? Some of them are really bad, but there are some good ones out there too…


rarely, very much depends on the game and what among of near finished state
main reason (besides “bug” frustration), is i’m bad at “returning” to a game, -unless i really really like it
so if a game is lacking X% content during ea/my play, i’d just be unlikely to get around to (or perhaps even remember) playing it again/to completion
pretty sure i have a bunch of games (that wasn’t even ea) that have got tons of bonus content updates, that i’m simply not aware of and probably unlikely to experience because i’ve moved on to the other things on my list
-it’s also why i prefer those “goty”/complete packs(where/when i’m “late” to the purchase) if a game “has” to be bundled/packed; do it after all content is released! (so i can get it for pennies on the dollar :rofl:) and full experience :wink:


Wow, you really are the most thoughtful person ever. :smile::+1:


Those are my favorite types of bundled games… you truly get the sense that you are getting the full game/experience. :slight_smile: Not to mention you know you are getting a good game, hehe. :smile:

I would like to think so, but I have met so many people here that I think are more thoughtful and thought conscious than I am most of the time. I appreciate the compliment though! :blush:


@YQMaoski Yep, already planning on getting it… right after @harith clued me in on a RedOut sale. RIP wallet

I would highly recommend the first Deponia game, though I never made it far with the second. I’ve been waiting for a good deal on TLJH and Deponia Doomsday, and this is just in time for Daedalic’s new game.

I don’t know why I haven’t mentioned this on the thousand and a half “what game are you excited for?” threads… this one looks great. Finally a new Point and Click adventure from Daedalic… except this time a fully 3D game in Unity, and judging by the trailer, it has a more cinematic focus than their previous games. I’m always down for a cyberpunk game, and this game has so much aesthetic style… but WHAT IS THIS GAME EVEN ABOUT? I WANT IT! I WANT IT SO BAD!


My wishlist is still growing! :slight_smile:

I played the first game too, back in 2013 I think, can’t quite remember exactly, thought it was fantastic. Now this will give me the excuse to go back and look at the others and at Doomsday.


Yeah, I also loved the first one. The second started off strong, but I was kind of disappointed with where they took the character. The first game did a great job of developing Rufus as this generally spiteful person that you hate as much as you pity, only to build him up into a genuinely good character by the end. It kind of felt like they took steps back just to get more laughs.

That’s not really fair to say, though, because I only ever got about four hours in. I need to give the game a fair go this time around. I will say that from what I played, the cast was generally great. The voice acting was good for a point-and-click’s light tone, the worldbuilding and artistic design is top-notch, and I could already see that the puzzles were going to be pretty interesting.

That said, it seems like Deponia 2 may have Rubacava Syndrome. Point-and-clicks kind of lose their flair if they fail to take you to new places or drop some crazy hints after a while, and it may just have lost my interest because of this. Either way, I already had it downloaded to give it another go a few days ago, and now that I’ve got Doomsday I really have no excuse to postpone that.


The FREE Warframe Key is NOT a STEAM key…

I have both of the Deponia games and Silence. Trying to figure out if it’s still worth it for me to get…


Well, the one dollar tier is pretty much a steal… So that’s reasonable to get at least. As for the rest, if you already have Doomsday, I would skip tier 2.


Semi-related, for anyone who plays Warframe - there’s a new wave of Warframe swag available for Twitch Prime subscribers. Freebies for the next few weeks!


Shadow Tactics has been on the top of my wishlist since they released it. It’s been discounted by 50% a couple of times before but that’s still $20. I have almost everything in this bundle already, but Shadow Tactics alone would be worth the $12, Deponia Doomsday is a good bonus. The other 2 top tier titles I don’t even know if I care about.


@Fraggles I was also looking for that game, but it was on Twitch Prime recently. I suppose this saves me the trouble of dealing with their client…

Still, I’d get it anyway for the rest of the bundle. I’m looking forward to Doomsday-- err, uh, that came out wrong.


Haha, nice catch. I sent to my friend who plays Warframe :wink: