Humble Curve Digital Bundle


I wouldn’t mind tier 2 or 3, either seems like a pretty good deal. I will have to sit on this one for a little bit. (it’s not an immediate buy for me b/c I have the tier 1 games already)


For The King looks like something I’d actually really want to play right now, but there’s really nothing else in this bundle I want and a few things I have. For the king is not worth $15 on it’s own, to me.

I keep seeing Human fall flat everywhere, it seems to be in about every 3rd bundle released over all or something.


That’s the one game I have my eye on the most as well. Though timing is really the biggest thing, my to-play list doesn’t ever shrink, so it would just go in a queue… (I think you just convinced me to wait on it.)


Don’t own any of them. Probably going to stay that way…Tier one looks ok but do I really need more OK games?


The only thing i would be interested is human fall flat but i would have to see if some of my friends would want to play it with me


Actually got Little Acre recently on Chrono, hee hee. :stuck_out_tongue: Yay for giveaways.

Smoke and Sacrifice looks like it’d be nice. Will look it up. Interesting combination of games. Really trying to avoid bundles right now in any case. :slight_smile:


it’s a no thanks for me this week to Humble
own all in tier1 already
got Humans fall flat, and was seeing if t2 dropped to a price where i might consider it if i were to pick up Smoke and Sacrifice to play “some day”, but the price never went down so i just shrugged and waits to see what comes around next time

yea, i even passed it up at 6.50’ish as solo purchase, thinking it would now just either get bundled or get cheaper. Probably not fair to the game i’m being such a cheapskate, it’s probably good enough for the sale price. But paying 15 in a bundle where the rest has almost no appeal, it’s just an expensive waste for a price that’s high than its solo sale


Reads “Curve Digital”:


Sees actual bundle:


Everyone on Chrono should be playing Apex Legends anyway… :stuck_out_tongue:


i, will, not, buckle, ! :triumph:
idono, seeing the battle pass release actually put me off somehow, and felt my (slight) curiosity of the game dwindle a fair bit.
Which made me stop and think, that was kinda odd, i wonder why i felt that :thinking:, -no clue…
dayum, guess i’m even more of a grump than i actually thought ?:hushed:,
or my desire for mp fps has just finally reached its rock bottom ?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
…dang, what’s become of me… :disappointed:


who cares about battle pass, it’s just a rly good game and lots of fun :smiley:

@xist was carrying me hard 2 days ago


If everyone pitches in to get me a computer, then sure! LOL. Joking so much. Not good at FPS but the gameplay looks pretty cool and the characters/voices are really, really good.

… and Fanatical is bringing out a Vengeance Bundle tomorrow. Thought it was Mondays only for new ones. Hm.


just grab yr phone, go watch some Apex Legends vid on YouTube, and hit that play now button


Hmm, that just reminded me of an interesting preposition. I’ll post it in the appropriate topic.

As for the bundle. MEH. I keep seeing Human Fall Flat, I suppose I should actually see what it is, as I’ve just assumed it’s similar to Goat Simulator based on it’s name. Funny and exciting for 20-30 minutes until you realize that’s all the game was.