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Humble Choice for September 2020-What Are You Choosing and Why?



Humble is driving me batty. I swore I paused and here be the the charge again. >>

sigh I already got Fell Seal otherwise and others I’m interested in. Will they refund me in full or in part? Anyone know how it works?


When you pause you get an email confirmation. Do you have it? If so, you surely should be able to ask for a refund if they’ve charged you. Good luck, @Danacscott, hope you get it sorted.


@Danacscott, I’ve heard that Humble used to be pretty good at giving refunds for the monthly if you haven’t redeemed anything yet. Dunno if they’ve changed their policies or not (with the change to Choice), but its worth contacting support and giving it a shot.


Not a thing. Just blinked at it and went looking for a “Contact Support” link. O_O. Only got automated responses so far.


I was able to go in and pause mine. Mind you it was also saying something about a billing error.

Thanks for reminding me.


awmahgawd you guys make me feel like such a library hoarder with you canceling and me just letting it roll through :sweat:


You can always look at it this way : if scientists are going to buckle down on life extension tech and make average human live 200+ years at least you will have something to play while we plebs will run out of games in the next 100 years.


It’s the year 2134 I have managed to find an ancient windows 7 machine that still works and I can now finally get started on Shovel Knight.


Shovel Knight runs just fine on my modified T-2000 bro


I’m the same xD even when I feel ‘ehh’ about it I still end up getting it LOL


Actually a couple games here I want. I’ll bite.


Biting is an understatement here… For me…


Guess people will be in to getting Gris. I have Bard’s Tale remastered - not sure if that includes the one in this bundle.


what is exactly included in hitman 2 here? rly excited about that one


looks like just the base game…


i’d guess just the base game
usually is with those guys, think they just gave the base game last time too


BTW even if you’re interested in it I wouldn’t recommend getting Shoppe Keep 2 from this bundle, It was recently on sale for like 2$ so it’ll likely go down that cheap again at some point if you missed out this time around.


yea there was a couple of reason why shoppe keep was going to be my skip list, Raiden being the other -as i’m not into shmups


this is what I got from unlocking Bard’s Tale


Uh. Hitman 2 is really tempting. Played hellout of first one on PS4.