Humble Choice monthly - What Are You Choosing and Why?



Damn 2 more Zachtronic games this month. I didn’t know they released a new game. Opus Magnum is great though. It’s reasonably easy to get into since you can always throw more parts at a problem, and pretty satisfying to optimize. Plus, you get to export nice gifs of your solutions.


Out of the 12 games, only 4 of them are ‘standalone’ in the sense that they’re not a sequel to another game. Capitalism 2 is from 2001. Two Zachtronics games is a weird choice, especially as there was one last month. Hitman 2 and Gris are both very popular, but the rest of them are kind of niche interests (in my opinion). Such a bizarre bundle. It’s wild to me that Humble expects people to happily hand over $20 for nine of those (even $12 for the classic plan is a push, especially if folks already own Hitman 2)


It’s the standard edition bundle


the season pass and legacy pack upgrades seems weird to me
i mean just the price of 40bucks for the season pass, which only adds a fraction of the 7 base game/standard edition missions to me seems wildly expensive and kinda greedy, don’t know if it’s “bigger” than it appears on paper, but seems way too much.
And the legacy pack, how the f*** is 2 different packs, presumably doing/adding different things having the exact same content description, genius :ok_hand: i love when lazy AAA dlc does this so you don’t know which to pick to complete your stuff because there isn’t just a “complete version” anymore for such games… :man_facepalming:


I’m on classic plan. Gris, Opus, Driftland, Bard’s Tale, This is the Police 2, and Truberbrook were all games I’m interested in so the price is worth it for me. A handful of these games have a price tag around 30$ CAD so it’s a deal for me.


i got a ton wishlisted games this month, and being on classic plan definitely made it worth for me to get those 5
+the zachtronics games i’ve be kinda curious about, but felt way too daunting to embark on
^tho ofc will likely not matter as most of these will probably not see playtime anytime “soon” :sweat_smile: (tho i’ll definitely add a couple of the top 5 to my “to play next list” and try)


For me this is a hard pass, I am litterally only interested in Gris, so I still have 3 months paid up for that I can stall untill I really like what I see.


Thanks for that. Now you got me tempted again, ha ha. ^^ Turns out I have the first game only, not the trilogy either.


Seems like there will be a bonus game this month


That’s kind of a bizarre thing to do… But hey, cool, one more game! lol!

Of course I am happy that my immediate question is answered already:

Back to a slight mystery in the monthly bundle again… :wink:


Unpause your Humble Choice Classic subscription for $3 off and find a new series of games to play!

The coupon is already in your account and will automatically apply when you unpause your account. Offer expires April 30 at 11:59pm PT.

meow They puts it in my email.


Got it as well. Thinking about unpausing just to finish my HITMAN collection :thinking:

$3 off and a free game by the end of the Month. Can’t say that’s a bad deal.


I’m rather surprised there’s been no leaks about what the extra mystery game is yet. That was almost enough to make me want to keep this month’s offer, but I’ve had to condition myself to always go for a hard no whenever I feel curiosity start trying to dictate purchasing decisions.


Agree. A mystery game (usually) won’t affect my choice much given the price of the sub. But with $3 off and HITMAN in the offer? It’s stirring my mind now.


I’m still waiting for humble to offer me that 3$ off coupon so i could snatch Hitman 2 for a reasonable price… Hello,Humble?


think i got a total of 1 of those over the years i’ve been subbed; meanwhile it seemed like fraggles got some kind of offer (almost) every month. Apparently they differentiate between which customers they offer discounts :man_shrugging: :sweat_smile:


Seems I have not been snubbing them enough recently. Good thing I paused this month.


yea i think that’s a potential likely factor. iirc you seemed to pause a lot, thus playing more hard to get, where as i 11/12times would just let it run out and only pause a few times, probably making them less interested in offering me discounts as they “knew” they already had me going “most of the time”


I think they mostly offer those coupons to people who paused. I for one have cancelled my sub only getting a month once games i really really want are featured and for ones like you who just keep it rolling… why would they ? :smiley: I’m sure IGN loves smell of cash as any other corporation.



You should get your coupon by now. Here is mine.