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Humble bundle Monthly unlock in 7 minutes


What’s your bet? will we be surprise or let down?

  • Surprise
  • Let down

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I mean the let down was already made solid at the start of the month when the main feature was a uplay title. There’s no recovering from that.


I’m with Fraggles here, I was already let down but… I’m still always excited to see what’s unlocked too. Mixed feelings! hehe




Seems like CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS 4 BATTLE EDITION (Zombies mode not included) is the next one.


fml i’ve already paid for that… i guess ill have another br i will never play


Welllllp. Disappointed. Very disappointed.


Also, I’m not into COD but always kinda wanted to try the Zombies mode since a friend keeps gushing about it so it’s a shame it’s not included… RIP


they might include it as a early reveal… if they do that i close my hb account


ofc it’s not, wouldn’t put it past Activision to continue and nickle & dime a yearly repeat series with ever more egregious dlc.
-giving it away only in hopes of cashing in on people buying the 1 thing they really want from it, is my bet…
and would not surprise me by some miracle humble will counting this as 60$ value at the end of the month’s msrp roundup o.0



(don’t mind the caps it’s a copy paste from the website)


sure now… but who knows what might suddenly happen at the end of the month :dizzy_face:


My first subscription for Humblebundle and I am let down enormously.


wait, am i wrong, wasn’t I’m not a Monster given out for free to everyone???


You are not wrong, it was free not long ago.


Yeah but it was free on Steam right? not on HB


Yes, it was free on Steam.

Anyway, i just paused my Monthly sub, I am happy to let this next month slide. Got too many games anyway, and when the early reveal is so uninviting, I didn’t have to think too much about it.


I’m too scared to pause. I have Stockholm syndrome lol. Last time I paused I missed out on Slime Rancher… And I really wanted that game!! T___T


suppose the “upside” to this is, if Humble keep it up like this, at least they will run out of Activision games to pawn off on monthly :smile:

this, sooo much this :sweat_smile:,
i think they could almost show 7/8 unlocks as total turds, and i’d still have such naive high hopes and FOMO i’d be crossing fingers so hard for the last one to still be worth it :rofl:


I have a question about the pausing, I paid for a full year, so if I don’t press the get now button, do I skip this month then? or is it just impossible to skip months if you paid for the 12 months plan?