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Humble bundle Monthly unlock in 7 minutes


If you pause, it just pauses for a month, and will resume after this next month is done. Your sub will automatically restart after the next month’s games are completely revealed and the new early reveals for July are shown.

They make you click a lot of “Yes, I am sure I want to pause” before you can actually do it though… It tried to give me $2 off this month, then it tried to tell me that the Humble Trove and my 10% store discount won’t be there any more. And they make the questioning in such a way that you have to read it, otherwise, you are likely to click on resume subscription instead of pause. One of the choices between “No, I want to pause.” and “I want more games.” or something like that…

So of course you cannot access the trove for the month, and you cannot get the store discount

There used to be an incentive to stay in for Humble Bundles, where you get store credit if you are a HM subscriber and you buy the full bundles, now that’s not even there. So I might just start doing it month by month and only taking the months where I want the early reveal options.


Well, thank you for explaining so thoroughly, I find them to be not so clear in what they try to say. And to be honest I always fear that I lose some really good games in the reveal. But this months line up was just not really my cup of tea except for wandersong and finding paradise.


just to be perfectly clear, you need to actively press “pause”… if you don’t press the “get now button”, it will still just add the bundle to your acc, but at the end of the month, -if you haven’t manually paused/“skipped” it
pausing is something you have to deliberately do in your Monthly page


Right, @Gnuffi’s totally right on this, you need to go to Manage Subscription to actively pause it, and when you do pause it, it should look like this, telling you in red that you have no subscriber perks… lol


Yes me lord! I followed thee instructions and managed to pause this month :slight_smile:




oh that’s so nice!!!

I like every single one of those games…

I’m alone, aren’t I? ): :butterfly:


I don’t think you’re alone, I just already owned a few and I wasn’t so interested in the uplay key. They’re good games, but ultimately disappointing for me from that perspective.


They’re alright. Not the best month, not the worst.


Nope. I’m not disappointed at all. Actually wanted Origins and the other stuff is fine with me too. :slight_smile: Very grateful to @Seaburn for the gift link… :sunny:


No Darling :heavy_heart_exclamation: You. Are. Not. :star_struck: :sunglasses::heart_eyes:

I bought the dang thing and I haven’t bought one in over a year. And I LIKED it. Each to their own…Makes the world go round…birds of a feather…whatever…:joy::hugs:

I got it mostly for the Trove. I wanted the downloads more than Steam keys. But I got 4 that were on my WL and one of those finished the trilogy The Journey Down. So I am not complaining.

Now back to downloading…


haha hooray for everyone who joins in the enthusiasm!

Shameless plug:

I helped translate a bit of Wandersong to BR Portuguese, so… strongly recommend the game! The devs are nice. And it’s a very cute game too, from what I read… still need to play it.

Thanks to a dear chronie for the Monster Prom gift :yellow_heart:

Finding Paradise and Do Not Feed the Monkeys are really great games I STRONGLY recommend!

Do not Feed the Monkeys Review

All-in-all, Monkeys succeeds at keeping players on their toes by immersing them into a fleshed-out and likely future without going over the top with its creative ideas.

If anyone plays the third installment of The Journey Down, let me know your thoughts! :hugs:


A friendly reminder that we have an equation to calculate the value of any game or bundle.

100% - [(My Opinion)/100%]


Honestly i’m happy with AC:Origins for $12, sure i expected slightly more out of the bundle and i’m kinda dissapointed in rest of the games, but overall i’m satisfied. :wink:
I’m skipping Call of Duty though.


@kelt Yup! I got the game I really wanted - the other good stuff is icing on the cake. Extremely happy.


thats 2 in a row I’ve skipped and been happy about it!

do not feed the monkeys is a good game but I got it off chrono dirt cheap so… :stuck_out_tongue:

this would be the third… and its not a good entry game, is zombies seriously not included?

cause that completely pi***s me off, they did it with advanced warfare too, but not for black ops 3, so why for 4?..


More than welcome my friend. Happy here too!


omg i now finally have the option to buy shit online, turns out Humble doesn’t accept prepaid cards for the monthly ROFL; for some reason Payoneer’s Debit MasterCard is considered prepaid… and why they don’t allow you to just pay for it from your humble wallet is beyond me as well

chrono: im waiting for that deal that i rly want so i can finally throw some $ your way :smiley: