Humble Bundle has been acquired by IGN - Game Over Man, Game Over

Now I’ve no real problem with IGN, but now that Humble publishes it’s own games and IGN is a large reviewer, does that potentially smack of conflict of interests? Also, boo hoo, more console bundles…

(and as an aside, because I’m too lazy to start a new topic just for this, where’s the interactive new user tutorial mentioned in the Certified badge located???)



how is that even a question with the state IGN already is in and has been for years :rofl:

“paid reviews” much? :thinking:


I would suspect this monthly pack is a hint at what’s to come. In-game currencies and F2P shite. I bet everyone with an active subscription was well thrilled with this one.

Oh but guys! I hear people say on twitter, they’ve SAID they’re not going to change anything. IGN is totally going to just let humble run autonomously, they’re just going to altruistically “support” humble bundle with no intentions of getting anything out of it.


I dew not know what you’re talking about. :wink:

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in theory that would be possible, (without the “not getting anything out of it”), since they could just let humble run their own stuff, and just cash in the profits as their new owners
i think the main issue is, whenever stuff like this happens in the business world, no matter how good a company is, or profitable, prior to purchase, the new overlords never just let things go on with “business as usual”…
people just can’t resist sticking their fingers in other peoples cookie dough

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Well technically it’s their cookie dough now. They’ll probably just want to “improve” the recipe somehow…maybe with raisins.

see this right there
should impose an automatic and utmost severe inhumane sentence!

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I’m guessing you’ve suffered at the hands of the little tooth decay bombs? :stuck_out_tongue:

nono, raisins just don’t belong in cookies! :tired_face:
chocolate chips
maaaybe nuts of some assortment (if we are going a bit crazy)
but never raisins. That’s just cookie heresy of the highest magnitude

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This was announced on Friday the 13th and indeed it’s so scary :flushed:


See, this is where we must part ways…in part due to the large body of water that separates us. Because, and this is a fact, Garibaldi’s are delicious!

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Ugh. Sadly, this is the SECOND time I’ve heard that phrase used-- last time, it was with Marvel when they were acquired by Disney. Yup, no interference whatsoeve-- OH CRAP I HIT PASTE

Time to press F, gentlemen. Many dreams have died today, but most importantly, the dream that one day Overgrowth would come out of early access.



and so we don’t have to part ways just yet, as;
Garibaldi’s are not a cookie, but a biscuit
and use currants instead of raisins
(nitpicking i know, but to me there is a huge difference) :smile:

i see what you did there :wink:

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Wait one second…as a bona fide Brit, I was convinced that only we distinguished between the two (for me a cookie is an incredibly narrow band of sweet treat).

Also, if you make Garibaldi’s with raisins they taste nicer. :slight_smile:


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If this is True … well RIP… We still have though :stuck_out_tongue:
Good things eventually are bound to go down. Sad world we live in.


Can’t say that I care, Humble hasn’t been interesting in a long time either.

IGN bought the remnants of last year. Defy Media shut GameTrailers down and everyone thought all of their content was going to be lost forever. In my opinion, IGN treated the GT property with respect. They uploaded a massive catalog of GT original content onto the YouTube channel for everyone to enjoy and now they upload actual game trailers to it. I’m willing to give IGN a chance because they’ve treated one of my favorite properties well. Obviously I initially wish Humble was not sold to IGN, but I also can’t look into the future with my crystal ball so I’m not going to pretend that I know what’s going to happen.