How much Chrono coins have you spent so far?

For me it’s around 30k coins

you should take a look at the main thread about streaks+coins


Thank you but I’m more interested in knowing how much people around here have spent. :grin:

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think the last time we counted i had spent 17.5k out of my 31.5k total, and so i have 14k left to spend some day
(hopefully soon) :smile:


Nice chunk of coins you have banked :grin: I have 263 coins after spending 29750 :grinning:



Just bought Meltdown, so that brings my previous total of 16,500 coins spent to 19,500.

I still have 12,916 coins remaining.

In case you are wondering, I bought 5 games.

I’ve spent 14,000 coins on 5 games and have 3,300 Exactly…I love when it’s a nice round number! leftover. :smile_cat:


So far I’ve spent 20 750 including Meltdown from today

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I’ve only spent 11,250 on 4 games.

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With Dead in Bermuda bought today my total spent evens out at a nice 20k

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Only 10k :c
Brigador + JumpJet Rex

If I wasn’t saving for Brigador, I would’ve grabbed Dustforce DX, and I missed Hammerwatch, cuz people are fast.

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16,500 so far. I would have spent more, but I skipped out on the rather nice first-tier games in hopes that I could get Brigador-- just barely missed it :frowning:

So far, my list of purchases:

  • Cook Serve Delicious (didn’t expect to like it, but I did)
  • Tower of Guns (looked interesting but crashed my whole computer, haven’t tried it since)
  • Insurgency (not a CS fan but I play it with friends, definitely a little tough for me)
  • Meltdown (bought because I’m looking for good VR games right now and Fallout 4 sucks)

Zero…nothing has really interested me aside from Brigador which I missed out on. Yes I’m a slave to reviews, and whilst The Bug Blaster had good reviews I already have Pang Adventures which is more or less the same thing.

I keep hoping for something that sparks my interest to pop up but as yet nothing has… :frowning:

I havent spent anything.

2500 of my 30k on Verdict Guilty

I originally started because I had to have Brigador. Missed out on that by a week and kept saving coins to ensure that wouldn’t happen again.


I’m still sitting on my 31,333 coins, i missed out on Brigador & Bug Butcher,
pretty much the only games I was interested in, so far.
Should have bought games like Tower of Guns, but I was eager to save up more coins ._.

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I spent 25,5K on:

  • Dropsy (the best purchase so far, very good point-and-click adventure)
  • CAT Interstellar (hardly a game, more like a demo)
  • Reverse Crawl
  • Cosmochoria
  • The Bug Butcher (boring, i’d rather have it on mobile, and also for free, play for 15 minutes and forget)
  • Verdict Guilty
  • MechaNika (needs some 3rd party installation in order to run, ugh)
  • Dead In Bermuda
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either i didn’t notice at all or it didn’t happen for me, just quick regular steam download+install as i recall (so speedy since super small game). What third party installation are you referring to, 'cos you got me curious now

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