how do you deal with seasonal "depression"

idk if it’s something that happen when you are not stuck in snow at -40c 7 months a year but in interested to know what are your tips


Watch anime


any elfen lied / blood + / etc anime you recommend?


very little patience, everything that breath who isn’t a dog or a cat(or other animal) irritates me.
i just want to stay home and play video games until the nice weather come back




i watch anime, eat proper food. drink diet cola (not so proper, but it has smth in it that relaxes me a bit). try to minimise social interactions. play mostly handheld games so that people won’t see me on steam.

@bellegueule try shiki / gantz / when they cry / puella magi madoka magica / happy sugar life
all are pretty great.


I don’t necessarily wanna say i’ve ever felt “depression”.

But anime that never seizes to give the warm and fuzzy feelings deep inside my cold hard core is Ore Monogatari(my love story) and Amaama to Inazuma.(sweetness and lightning)


I guess it’s winter 12 months a year then, even though summer lasts 7 months here and temperatures reach 45 degrees celcius


none taken, seasonal effective disorder (in my country we call it seasonal depression) is a real thing that following wiki is

that acronym tho


Does your productivity fall drastically when the first REALLY BIG snow covers it all up?

and. forgot to mention but i also begin to play this one quite a lot xD miku’s so kind and cute

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it’s not guilt more like… i wouldn’t mind getting into a coma and waking up next spring

anyway i was just curious how other chronoee chronoers chronos? (we really need a standard name for chonos user XD) that had winter’ish down handle them.

i need to try that… not just cuz of winter but overall… winter just make it more hard to tank through


Kyoukai no Kanata and Zetsuen no Tempest

And if you don’t mind something different, Violet Evergarden, Made in Abyss and Mahoutsukai no Yome

Also, we could swap places, because I love winter and here is mostly sunny all year. Never seen snow, so rain is my friend that comes by sometimes. :smile:

Oh, if you watch and like Kyoukai, watch the movies to get the continuation
Yes it’s my favorite anime and I recommend to everyone


@bellegueule Try the Grisaia series.

Reason why/Spoiler

It just thoroughly crushes and makes you feel so down, but then leaves you with hope in the end

Love the anime and I am currently working through the visual novels on steam. Expensive as the whole series is around $80-100 AUD on sale, but worth it. It fleshes out all the story that they couldn’t fit in the anime (think I am around 80 hours into the first VN and still have the main route to go)


Really poorly. I get very low and the change in barometric pressure as well as the temperature and light changes gnaw away at me. I know daylight lamps are supposed to help but I’ve yet to try them.

My coping strategies are trying to fill all my spare time with things I enjoy…books, games, podcasts and music. I was actually wondering if I should make an appointment with my GP about depression the other day too, although I don’t think I’m quite that bad just yet…I’m very up and down.


I think Chrono staff has used the term Chronies several times already


i would say don’t wait to reach that point… do some preventive work… i’ve been dealing with what i can only suppose is depression (i have never consulted) for a freaking while now… so long that i dont even feel the problem… i just have a dark and pessimistic view of everything … idk how to phrase it but i guess you get addicted to what you know… idk. point being if you think you could eventually need it dont wait…

Edit… yes i;m the dude who dont even follow is own advice…


hm, I’ve been quite depressed for almost a year now, ever since i lost both full-time jobs i had, but i get through it day after day by reminding myself that this life is but a test, that ease comes with (after) difficulty, and that patience is the key, and i also remind myself over and over that i have it better than maybe half of the world’s population, which still live in extreme poverty, and many ppl live in war zones and fear for their lives and risk losing their children or family members, houses, businesses, and possessions (and actually do) on a daily basis.


I do this. Thanks, @M00

4 months of no sun is no picnic which is what we go through here. It can be a nightmare. But i play games, talk to people…and now you have us this winter…WE ARE HERE!!!

I am all out of pithy sayings. But I do like “Adorable”:+1:t2:

“Spend a moment with this post if you didn’t smile for some days, it’ll be interesting – we promise :-)”

And “Cute” makes me smile…:smile:

“So take five and let these charming Nendoroid figures clear your thoughts and calm your soul with their impressive quality.”


Try to love all seasons, there’s something beautiful in each one. Spring smells good, summer is just fun, autumn is colourful and romantic and winter is when you meet yourself.

Personally, I love small details, like how all sounds muffled when covered in snow. There are small things that I look out for, in each season. That way I welcome them all.


For seasonal affective disorder, one thing that you might find is that having a bright lamp, often marketed as a happy light, of about 10k lux brightness, to use anywhere between 10-30 minutes daily, not directly into your eyes, but nearby when you are doing something else, might help with some of the mood difficulties. Also making sure your vitamin d levels are okay, either go get tested or start taking 500-1000 units daily and see if things are better.

Of course having things that you like to do indoors help as well, depending on your interests.