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how do you deal with seasonal "depression"


y this will allow u to no longer SEE the seasons changing, which might also help coping with them


Bright light…Not blinding!:joy:


WHAT YOU MEAN>> i just bought 3 of those


Reminded me of this for some reason


Lol, thanks for putting words into my mouth… :sweat_smile:

I have one of these:


worth it? and does it irradiate some heat or it really just a bright light?

also would you put it at work or at home?


It’s LED, so it’s not very hot. And you are not supposed to use it a long time each day, and definitely don’t look directly into it, because it does give you glares. I don’t think there’s enough energy in there to burn your retina, but they recommend keeping it about 2 feet from your face. So it’s good to use sitting on the couch, with it pointed at your face from the side, and maybe you are doing something like reading or playing on your tablet, etc.

There are other lamps for cheaper, but this one just had the best exterior appearance that I purchased it. I cannot speak for the other ones. This one has 3 brightness settings, so you can tone it down if the top setting is too bright for you.

As for the results, I can say that the happy light does keep your circadian rhythm more regulated and allows your body to artificially respond to more light. But ultimately if the snow/cold/ice bothers you as well, and you just want to stay in your covers, then this might not be enough. It’s a simple solution though and for many months of mood regulation and potential comfort yearly, it’s definitely worth it. You should do a bit more research and decide for yourself.


hey, the joke demanded it, i’m sure u understand :wink:


The same way I deal with the usual depression, whiskey, chocolate and anime.
Medication might be an option if you’re able to get it. I’m sort of in that process atm.


This is beautiful :blush: I also feel this way and try to apply it :sunflower:

But on the note of the discussion, I suffer from depression most of the time. I go through waves, and Winter does tend to get darker. It’s the season where most of my attempts have been.
And I’m in South Africa so our Winter isn’t even bad :joy:
I usually try to do something if I have enough mental energy for it… so creating something. Like drawing or crafting. Making something makes you feel more genuine, and like you contribute to something.
If I don’t have the energy, I stay in bed and watch things.

Try focus on the small good things in everyday, if it’s eating a packet of your favourite chips or walking up a new staircase. Try balance negativity with positivity.
Try learn about yourself and improve on yourself. You end up feeling a lot better at the end of the day, like maybe you being alive isn’t such a bad thing after all.


The key is mastering all the types of depression first.



Avatar intensifies

guys seriously you’re playing with fire by mentioning this cartoon near my vicinity and you’re all under the iminent risk of non-stop ramble and gushing appreciation that may flow throw me ignited by the mere mention of what probably is one of the best things television has ever produced and the thing that helped me power through most of my childhood because it sucked except for avatar which didn’t because it is glorious and mighty and perfect just like my favorite game which you guys will never guess is the curse of monkey island and features fat chickens


what is causing the depression?
bad weather?


Check a doc. I never thought or believed that they can help you until i visited one. ( words of a suicidal kid that tried leaving this world 4 times )
Now, without the docs help, i m only 1 inch far from triggering the gun i have on my hip, but as i stated, they gave me a REASON to live!!! :smiley: ( what i mean here is… if i want to kill myself atm, it s so easy as i literally have a gun on my hip xD , yet i don t want to. Depression is an ILLNESS and CAN BE CURED , like i did )
You should also try this little footstep ( visiting a doc )
And trust me, you ll be happy to live again!!!


Also, as everybody above stated xD, wasting time really helps. Gaming, watching series, movie marathons, DIY projects :heart_eyes: are time killers that helps af


Good thing you are really bad at killing yourself mate. Like really bad.

Nice work!


Hehehe failed this as i m failing almost everything. I found out that i m the human goat


If there is something human out there, it’s failing, Heck, even the theory of evolution is about who “fails” and how that shapes species.

Do you have this game though?




Stimulator xD

Nope, but i heard of…
(I ll watch the video once on wifi, promise)