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Hollow Knight: Silksong




Now ready up to harvest a deluge of (overall thread) likes…

[just keep feeding any new info regarding this game to this thread whenever it appears :wink:


Looks great and has a lot of new stuff to it. I don’t know if it’s a good thing that it will be stand alone game and not a DLC, though. They claim they have tons of content for a stand alone game, but we can only wait to find out >

No release date yet and it’s possible that won’t be this year, because after all Team Cherry are only 3 people.

Hollow Knight: Silksong will be available, at launch, on Windows, Mac, Linux & Nintendo Switch. More platforms may happen! This includes Steam key and a DRM free version for all the backers of $10AUD and above. They have option to choose between the PC version and the Switch one.


y but they definitely earned a lot of goodwill with their past actions though; they released TONS of extra free content for their last game; and they are calling this their second game, they don’t call it standalone DLC; so i think there’s no worries there


They did amazing stuff for free, indeed! I will buy it for sure, but the only thing I’m scared about is that it’s pretty hard to make even 1/2 of the first game as in content :smiley:. Even if this is half of the first in length - still worth it! Just I pray it’s not like 1/3rd and than it will be a bit hard to justify it as a stand alone, because they themselves set up the bar so high :slight_smile:


It looks like a completely new game, looks really nice, in fact. So totally justified to be a sequel instead of a DLC. It will be great to play as Hornet.

I am guilty of not finishing the first. One of these days, I keep telling myself, one of these days. :slight_smile:


Well, first of all, it is a possibility that they make half of the first game and sell it for half its price.

Secondly, they did it before (make all the content of the first game), so I rly don’t see why they wouldn’t be able to do it again, especially given that having tons upon tons of money from the first game will make things easier for them production-wise as more money gives you access to better tech and other options as well that make development faster and easier…

Personally I’m vry excited to play Hornet, especially given that apparently they’ve applied all of her moves in the gameplay, which I imagine is not that easy to do, as it means that everything from the combat, the movement, and the structuring of the levels must be redesigned around that.


Or they just get lazy, or run out of good ideas, so they implement bad ones just to fill the spots :smiley:. It’s pretty hard to live up to high expectations and most people and companies fail at it by one way or another. Some take the easy roads and think they can justify everything - especially in gaming. There’s no need to speculate, but I always have my doubts to reduce the potential disappointments. Keeps me a bit healthier mentally.

Has to come out first… then has to be played and then judged! You are reviewer… 'cmooon. I don’t want in this particular case to happen one day me saying to you: “I told you so!”, but I love to do that anyway :smiley:


fair points, but until they prove unworthy, credit where credit is due

all the free extra content (huge amounts) they lavished us with must be worth something


I have (blind) faith in Team Cherry, and Mossmouth…


You don’t have to answer this in public, but do you think that being obliged to play and review lesser games in a curation capacity impacts upon you sinking time into deeper, longer games?


Whenever I consider a game to play, the time expected to spend on the game is definitely in consideration.

Inevitably, playing games I would otherwise not will definitely cut into the allotted time I have for other games. This likely gives me a mental block to start into another game that will require me to sink a lot of time into it.

That being said, I have only played one time-sink game since the start of the year, and that’s Spelunky. I really haven’t felt the need to move away from this game yet, because despite all of my time in the game, I am still screwing up left and right and am definitely still learning.

Last night I was too tired to fire up Spelunky after a long work day, and so I tried one of the new indie titles instead that I knew was one that would take up as much time as I was going to give to it–Globesweeper. And now I am writing sentences in the middle of my work day trying to patch together a short-ish review for it. So this one has hardly eaten into my game time proper, and instead offers me a bit of a distraction amid my busy work day.

As for Hollow Knight specifically, my mental block is from knowing that I would need to go back to the middle of a game that I had already been stuck on, only now, months later with completely rusted over skills/techniques and trying to rely on muscle memory. I am afraid of making a fool out of myself. I would love to progress in it farther, but I hit a few dead ends at that point, thus prompting the hold. Of course I had refused to look anything up at that time or watch any walkthrough/gameplay videos, b/c I enjoy raw exploration of such games.

The biggest issue with me not necessarily going back to games that I have not finished is due to the massive number of games that I would like to experience and the require number of hours to get through them compared to the actual availability of time to spend on this. (Of course, also trying to maintain a healthy balance in life amid other items–for example, I am trying my best to spend 5+ hours at the gym each week.) I will call the massive Steam library as the culprit.

As for games that I consider not worth my time, I have been slowly hiding them from my library. Taking them away from consideration has been important for my own sanity. (I have also been slowly making my way through Horizon: Zero Dawn too, and that’s been a blast.)

Overall in terms of time-consuming games, I don’t want to delve into too many of them at the same time, because inevitably I will get into similar constraints: getting into one really deeply and then losing track of the others, then being afraid of going back to them weeks to months later.

By the way, the store page is live:


As has been mentioned they set the bar very high for themselves with Hollow knight. No matter how excellent silksong might turn out if they do not manage to match the first game a lot of people are going to feel disappointed.

Whether they have the content for a whole other game remains to be seen of course, but if it’s mostly the same from hollow knight and just new layouts to explore I’ll probably be pretty happy with it. Exploration and finding my way through this labyrinthine world was what I enjoyed the most.


Can’t wait till they launch their BR DLC afterwards


i went to their contact page, and simply mailed them my credit card :astonished:
at this point Team Cherry pretty much got carte blanche to my wallet, and soul :star_struck: :heart_eyes:


Ahem… DarkSiders III :blush:


that one was okay, it wasn’t so bad to the point of regretting my purchase amount for that
but at this point i’d be willing to pay Team Cherry 30€ for even just a blank buggy etch-a-sketched stop motion halfarsed game.
I mean, they decided to go from “dlc” to (and remember this is in their mind) a “full game”, that’s just madness to me. And i’d be more than happy to blindly pay even 60€ for a “full game” sequel to Hollow Knight
I’ve been excited ever since Hornet dlc campaign/“mission” was a prospect; to have it become a game on the actual scale of Hollow Knight instead, (when they could just have taken the easy route to (AAA)streamline/“cut content”), i’m more than happy to pay full price for that day 1 sight unseen, and reward (any of) their effort with my open wallet. :blush:

Hyyyyype ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: <insert giddy anime gif> :hugs:


Hollow Knight was amazing and possibly flawless. I mean there might be flaws but I haven’t spotted any, which is rare.
The hype is so real it deserves an image.


people tend to be pretty cynical about hype these days, but I’d personally rather get super excited over everything, and be somewhat disappointed, then be cynical about everything, then occasionally mildly impressed… just my view on it :man_shrugging: