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Hollow Knight: Silksong



my experience tells me this leads to an overall greater "net positive"
since if you get “hyped” for everything, you just about get disappointed every tuesday
where as if you don’t invest any particular fanboi interest you get to be giddily surprised every other wednesday :wink:

not to mention the money saved by not just jumping onboard the hype-train every week
since “cynicism” leads you towards the wait an see approach, it also means you on average get burned a lot less, and then have more money to throw away on another “gamble” or something else, bundles, season sales, etc :blush:
i’d much rather have 20 (cheaper) “meh” games purchases in a year, than 5x60$ disappointments. Or even better, 50 “discount deal” games, where some of them excites me even if i’ll never even play others of them.

But i’m also of the opinion that stuff like most AAA/60€ games just aren’t worth 60€ to me on the face of it anymore. As for me the type of games most of them make just doesn’t provide me with a joyous experience i consider 60€ value, but more a run of the mill rinse repeat rehash “this 'n that” stale same ol’ porridge of whatever group appeasing or trend suiting list they run of
When you have mindblowing “indies”, and at bargain bin deals of 8-15€, you really need something extraordinaire to match if you think your game is worthy of 60, to me. Spending millions on graphics and lighting engines doesn’t cut that for me, you need story and gameplay etc. And most of the games they produce are “the same”, and while i might have been happy paying 60€ for it 6-10 years ago when it was “new”, i’m no longer easily impressed when you churn out another yearly instance of yesteryear’s servings, or “what someone else already did”, despite the “upgrades” or reskin texture changes.
so that’s against them already before the potential of any buggy stuff, poor content/execution, business model “stuff”, bs marketing, etc etc.

Meaning i can’t really find much good reason to offer them a preemptive positive disposition, but i can find plenty to be cynical - and have it either “protect” me or “go up from there” to a positive experience
whereas if i was already hyped, you can pretty much either at a miraculous best just live up to that, or only go down from there. Meaning it’s just disappointment and the only difference there is, is to which degree of disappointed to get.

i think that’s why @onLooSe mentioned Darksiders 3,
now, i never let myself get “hyped” for it, but i was interested and mildly excited for it, and “ofc” got it for day1. But i did also not pay 60€ for it.
I enjoyed my experience, and didn’t think it was too bad, but had i actually paid 60€ and not gotten the sneaky discount i did, i probably would have felt like i had paid too much for it, which would overall have decreased my final satisfaction with it, since to me an “okay game/experience” is simply just not worth 60, i need “more” out of that price point.
But since i “only” got it for 45€, i was okay with that value and overall pleased with my purchase.
^but i went from “excited” to “it’s okay” which could sorta be considered a net loss
where as if i had been regularly cynical, i would have had a more positive experience going from “meh” to “that was actually pretty alright :slightly_smiling_face:

idono, imo it just pays better to be a little bit of a cynic in this world, seems to make things work out more enjoyable in the end, than constantly getting let down, even if just a tiny bit. :smile:
Hell i even go to the grocery store like this