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Hollow Knight Key Giveaway (Claimed)


Congrats @Luxen :blush:

I still think you liked the game because it is a visual novel game though.


It was… interesting. It was a little too weird playing as a human hitting on pigeons. This thread actually made me revisit the Hatoful shop, so I think I’ll return for more plushies. I’m a sucker for cute things like that, plus my daughter loves them too.


Thanks for the nice giveaway @Fuzzles :slight_smile:


Reading through this thread I was really hoping the answer was going to be the dakimakura, a little disappointed at the end.

Congratulations @Luxen hope you enjoy this amazing game.


@Shalandir said “A coworker…”

I don’t know why my brain did what it did, but when I read the start of your post, I thought it said “A cow worker had a pigeon plushy at work” :cow: