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Hollow Knight Key Giveaway (Claimed)


@Fuzzles then it’s because you appreciate puns, good or bad, and the whole game is full of bird puns.


Hmmm… If my 1st guess was half right and both the 2nd and 3rd guesses were wrong, maybe it has something to do with the merchandise after all. The only things that G1 and G3 shared were the “A friend bought it for you”, therefore, if guesses have to be 1:1 answers (or as close as they possibly can) then the answer might be:

You bought it yourself because of all the cute pigeon-based merchandise the game has.

Unless you weren’t necessarily referring to my guesses, but the first two made in the thread as a whole.


@Luxen Which merchandise? :thinking:


@Fuzzles you had a breakup and your ex- gifted an anime pigeon body pillow to you/this gift is what caused the breakup…distinct possibility given the humor of us vets.

You then had to hunt down the game the body pillow was based upon.


I assume that this also has to be exactly what it is and can’t be a general answer (ie. merchandise category instead, such as the aforementioned plushies, instead of a specific item), so I’ll have to take a quick look because I honestly can’t recall anything else besides those plushies, haha.


@Luxen Those plushies were pretty adorable.
@Shalandir Omg I love your imagination. :joy:


A coworker had a pigeon plushy at work and you asked what it was from. Instead of telling you outright, they then proceeded to gift you a flood of visual novel and borderline-smut anime games on Steam only for you discover that one of them (Hatoful Boyfriend) was surprisingly funny and good. :poop:


The pigeon hat maybe?


Alright, I took a quick look and, while unlikely, maybe it was this particular item. I suppose I should ask: Is this item still available for sale? (In case they’ve stopped selling anything in the past.)

You bought it yourself because of the Hatoful Boyfriend Maid Ryouta Vinyl Figure Set.


@FacuBlues The what?
@Luxen So very close.


Probably not but:

You bought it for the pin set


I think they were talking about the pigeon hats (basically a winter beanie) that are on sale in the shop.

As for the later, :fire:!

You bought it for yourself because of the Maid Ryouta Tee (Ladies’ Cut) item.


@FacuBlues Never got the pins. I DID get keychains. And another type of item.

@Luxen No, but it was a Ryouta item.

Sorry, was putting my child to bed. And to answer a previous question, they can still be purchased. You don’t have to say the specific item, the item type is fine.


A Ryouta sticker?


I see. That leaves quite a few choices still available.
Since it’s what got me here in the first place, perhaps it was a Ryouta plush?


@FacuBlues No.
@Luxen Yes! I bought it purely because of the plushies. I actually didn’t realize a game came with it, so that was a weird surprise.

Sent the key. Thanks all, that was fun. :grin:


I thought we discarded the plushies already, darn. Congrats @Luxen you are winning in everything lately lol


I can imagine that a lot of people must have been surprised by that, haha. Especially with the cover for Holiday Star, which seems pretty random to me. :joy:

Thanks for hosting the giveaway! It was a funny goose chase to be sure.


Reminds me of @GDBringer 's winning streak.


I’ll have you know that randomness works out because I was born with slightly good random.seed value.

But my 99% fail rate comes with any Q&A because I’ll never be able to guess it! :joy: