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Hollow Knight Key Giveaway (Claimed)


Got a Steam key for Hollow Knight that came with a bundle. It’s sorta like a cartoony Dark Souls.

I tried to think of a good question for this, so this may or may not be an easy one to guess. In my Steam library is a rather odd game: Hatoful Boyfriend. There’s a pretty specific reason that I got it, and if you can guess the reason then the Hollow Knight code is yours.

One guess per post.
You can guess again after someone else has guessed after you.

Still Searching #2 - Round #7

I already have this…Good game and awesome giveaway, @Fuzzles :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


A fluffy friend gifted this me a while back. Great giveaway title. ^^


My guess is that you like Visual Novel games, especially ones that explore weird inter-species relationships, perhaps :thinking:


Maybe you bought it to make a joke to someone?


Guess: Manure


A friend bought it for you because of all the cute pigeon-based merchandise the game has (ie. the pigeon plushies).


@CRV2017 @FacuBlues @M00
All no.
No as well. I didn’t think anyone would mention the merch, though. :smirk:


Guess: pigeon shit

there’s no way it’s not cuz of the pigeon shit


You know, I never checked for that. Don’t really want to play again to find out. So no.


damn, i give up, it’s just too hard

great giveaway btw, much appreciate

(I finished Hollow Knight and enjoyed it very much)


One answer was pretty close.


You got the game because it was part of a visual novel bundle that you bought at some point.



Pigeon poop… Pigeon poop…

Aha! You enjoyed “Poop in My Soup” :rofl:


Went from warmer to colder.


Looks like I made the wrong kind of guess then. Maybe if I revisit my first one (unless one of the few that came before was the closest one, I’ll probably be stumped for a while, haha) I’ll get it sooner or later. :sweat_smile:

A friend bought it for you because you love pigeons; they’re one of your favorite kinds of birds.


@Luxen Half right the first time. Totally wrong the second time.


You enjoy mysteries and the game was tagged with “ILLUMINATI”, “MEMES”, “ROMANCE”…so you just had to figure out why! (aka genre/tag crossover interests)


@Shalandir That made me giggle. No.


A friend gave it to you as a joke, much like how bad rats is gifted.