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Hollow Knight: Gods & Glory release date announced. (or the general Hollow Knight discussion thread)


Don’t mess with the zest 'cos the best don’t mess with the zest.


Z’est la vie, if life gives you lemons you just gotta burn a house down.







You’re really fond of that gif aren’t you



(very much)


So I had a total shit day, cried for a few hours, and then decided to go back to playing Hollow Knight to lift my spirits.

Had some issues with cloud save on Linux (HK doesn’t OS cross-save in the cloud) but managed to recover my previous file.

Finally met the needle gal and was excited to beat her. First time I tried I almost did, second time I failed horribly.

Afterwards Ubuntu did a stupid thing of notifying me, mid-battle, to update my distro… there’s no way to disable it and it’s like the uptenth time this pop-up has royally fucked me.

My PC crashed and I nearly broke stuff. Yikes.

Anyways not my happiest day.

I hope I can beat the needle gal tomorrow or something I feel too worn-out to keep trying today.

Also if anyone has uplifting memes I’d be gratefil. :bug:


"memes; a story, in Oink minor"



Not sure it counts as a meme…but it is funny! :joy: