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Hollow Knight: Gods & Glory release date announced. (or the general Hollow Knight discussion thread)


useless hint of the day: they are not used for making omelettes



Don’t break my hopes man D:


They’re pretty tasty, I hear.

Also, NKG is terrifyingly fast.


i’m glad someone else thinks so too :+1: :blush:

ps, if someone feels like they struggle a little with him, i highly recommend the "oh sht oh sht holy crap i’ll be deaded -spam heal"charm setup: Shape of Unn, Quick Focus, Deep Focus, -lets you heal damn near fully up on flame pillars if you have the mana.


I am inspired…

Never leave us.


NEVER!!! at least not for the foreseeable future, you never know you know? :thinking:

@Gnuffi I discovered what the egg things are for! you lied to me! potentially so, I can’t confirm, but omelettes are a possibility D:<


well, i didn’t know what they were for initially but bought over 50 of them thinking there was no way the game would let me keep on buying something without end if it wasn’t a rly good item … i figured, better put my geo into something potentially rly good than risk losing them :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Huh… for me if a game allows me to endlessly buy an item it usually means that it can be easily acquired by other means and the store is just a commodity, case in point, I already have seven, of which I only bought two to test out some dialogue.

A little update, I’m not a fan of orange in this game, it makes harmless things big and explodey.


Oh, believe me it gets worse…much, much worse more orange…




There are :tangerine::tangerine::tangerine: everywhere I tell you, everywhere.

I’m at that point in the game where I spend a whole day trying to find that room that I somehow skipped, which for some reason also had the only upgrade that forbid me from making progress, on the bright side, I did a lot of side tasks, upgrades and got a lot of geo that I’ve nowhere else to spend, should I give it all for the kingdom or something?

Anyway, in short, I can’t buy her cookies, I found a corpse in white armor, have my journal up to date, oh! and I finally got the heart of a big round thing which I miss in the place from the pic above :weary:


Don’t mess with the zest 'cos the best don’t mess with the zest.


Z’est la vie, if life gives you lemons you just gotta burn a house down.







You’re really fond of that gif aren’t you



(very much)


So I had a total shit day, cried for a few hours, and then decided to go back to playing Hollow Knight to lift my spirits.

Had some issues with cloud save on Linux (HK doesn’t OS cross-save in the cloud) but managed to recover my previous file.

Finally met the needle gal and was excited to beat her. First time I tried I almost did, second time I failed horribly.

Afterwards Ubuntu did a stupid thing of notifying me, mid-battle, to update my distro… there’s no way to disable it and it’s like the uptenth time this pop-up has royally fucked me.

My PC crashed and I nearly broke stuff. Yikes.

Anyways not my happiest day.

I hope I can beat the needle gal tomorrow or something I feel too worn-out to keep trying today.

Also if anyone has uplifting memes I’d be gratefil. :bug:


"memes; a story, in Oink minor"



Not sure it counts as a meme…but it is funny! :joy: